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5G Empowers The Internet Of Things, What Will The Future Bring To Industrial Displays?

Aug. 21, 2020

Digitization is changing our world. At present, the total number of connected devices in the world has exceeded the total number of people on earth. Among them, the Internet of Things, through the combination of automation technology, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, has truly realized the transformation from traditional industry to intelligent manufacturing.

As for the Internet of Things, the high requirements for the network are a major obstacle to its development. However, as 5G gradually moves towards commercial use, the problem of the Internet of Things will be solved and sufficient for the development of various market segments of the Internet of Things ready. Because 5G has the advantage of a high transmission rate, this also makes the Industrial Internet of Things field the most beneficial market segment.

The Industrial Touch Display Monitor Factory is committed to the research and development of digital self-service terminal services, and provides professional solutions to the needs of the development and production of industrial IoT software and hardware equipment, adding new help to the city's complete service system! Solutions provided by the industrial touch display factory for the industrial Internet of Things:

1. Innovative man-machine interface

In the past, in the industrial field, computer screens and even more primitive displays still occupied a dominant position, but now this situation is changing. The market demand for industrial displays can no longer meet the needs of simple displays, and to deal with the diversity of industrial environments. Industrial displays have higher requirements in terms of performance, stability, and customization.

For this reason, under the urgent need of upgrading traditional industries, the industrial touch display factory injects innovative ideas into the company’s spirit and product development. The company’s industrial monitor not only looks exquisite and stylish but also uses an aluminum alloy body and a flat front display panel. The IP65 waterproof standard makes the human-computer interaction interface clearer and smoother.

2. Better predictive maintenance

For many years, predictive maintenance has played an increasingly important role in industrial environments, and the continuous growth of industrial IoT components has also provided more information than before. As an industrial Internet of Things technology, predictive maintenance will definitely become an excellent assistant for future industrial managers. Industrial touch displays can be independently compatible with multiple types of software, embedded with predictive maintenance technology, and escort user equipment protection.

Industrial Touch Monitor

Industrial Touch Monitor

3. Guaranteed network security

In the early stage, in the process of performing tasks in the Industrial Internet of Things, because of the huge amount of data, there will often be chaotic situations. With the advancement of technology, these phenomena have gradually decreased. In response to this pain point for users, the Industrial Touch Monitor factory uses a self-developed driver board in the industrial display and is equipped with multiple protection designs, so that information security is double protected.

4. More flexible transformation

In an industrial environment, due to the complexity and variety of production processes, many industrial smart devices need to have great flexibility. Industrial monitors can not only be flexibly changed in installation methods, but also support desktop, wall-mounted, and other installation methods. In addition to conventional requirements, they can also be customized according to user needs in terms of interface, viewing angle, working temperature, and other settings. The use of equipment is more flexible and changeable.

5. Expand more application scenarios

With the continuous increase in display market demand, industrial displays are not only used in industrial fields due to their superior performance characteristics, but also in artificial intelligence, security fields, medical care, education, business intelligence terminals, and information communications.

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