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Industrial Tablet PC Used in Industrial Automation

Oct. 21, 2019

Industrial automation is a variety of parameters in industrial production, which is used to control and realize various process controls. In the whole industrial production, industrial tablet PCs minimize human operation and make full use of various information of external production work. It is called industrial automation production, and the process of industrial automation production is called industrial automation.


Industrial tablet PC used in industry automation has the following significant advantages:

1. Improve the safety of production process;

2. Improve production efficiency;

3. Improve product quality;

4. Reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy in the production process.

In the industrial automation production, the use of industrial tablet PC is always indispensable. If the traditional commercial tablet is used, it can not meet the needs of industrial production, and the tablet used in the industry generally has customized requirements. Commercial tablets are not suitable to use, and industrial tablets have been used in them and have been widely used in various industrial automation sites.


For industrial tablet, it is a customized product. According to the needs of customers, we can make some changes to the hardware and software of the product. It means that industrial tablets are obviously much better than commercial tablets for industrial automation.


Take the intelligent Android industrial tablet PC as an example to understand the advantages of such products in the industrial automation market.


At present, the main systems used in the mainstream industrial market are: windows, Linux and Android, all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the main reason why Android system occupies a place is because its open source and allows modification.


Users can easily embed their own special software into the system and change the open-source Android system according to the version and model of their hardware to produce better performance products. Users can modify the system according to their own needs, and then form the difference between their own products and other products, so as to win market share.


Most of the use scenarios of industrial tablets belong to the automation industry, so they need to have stable performance and functional requirements. Touch Think industrial Android tablet PCs support multiple customization items according to customers' requirements, such as high brightness screen, full view angle, I/O expansion, screen size. They are provide 7/24 long time running in harsh conditions. 

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