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Industrial tablet PC Used In Railway Transit Monitoring System

Nov. 19, 2019

With the rapid development of urbanization, rail transit has gradually become the backbone of urban public transport network because of its large passenger capacity, low-carbon environmental protection, convenience, punctuality, fast speed and other characteristics.


At the same time, the monitoring level and automation requirements of railway safety operation are getting higher and higher, which makes high-tech automatic production enterprises have the opportunity to provide industrial tablet PCs with touch screen for rail transit monitoring system, and take the step to enter the intelligent rail transit industry.


The safety protection device at the end of the train is a special transportation safety device developed for improving the safety of railway transportation after the goods train cancels the guard, when the end of train is in unattended state. The equipment is designed and produced by using computer coding, wireless remote control, voice synthesis and computer processing technology to ensure the safety of train operation. It is also an important railway running safety protection device.


With the development of standards, management methods and related technologies of the trainset device, the stability and reliability of the trainset device have been improved and its functions have been enriched. At the same time, it is more and more important to guarantee the automatic safety of the train tail detection equipment, especially in the situation of the increasing intensity and density of railway freight transportation, the increasingly complex freight organization and the rising freight safety level.


As the information monitoring platform in the automatic detection equipment, the touch industrial tablet PC is equipped with high-resolution display screen, embedded in the detection host, which can transmit the working information of the train tail operation guarantee device to the operator and information security system. Due to the common wireless communication in the operation of railway system, the product can work in the environment of high-power RF system.


Vibration and impact are inevitable in the rail transit system. Therefore, excellent shock resistance is essential for the rail transit system. The industrial tablet PC with waterproof performance and stronger and reliable performance can effectively resist vibration and impact and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system.


Rail vehicles often run in variable temperature environment, which means that all industrial tablet PCs must support wide working temperature. At the same time, the voltage also faces the challenge of sudden voltage shock when the vehicle starts or stops. Therefore, all devices must support wide power input. Fanless heating-dissipation design is also necessary for industrial computers in harsh environments. It can effectively reduce dust entry and avoid system failure.


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