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Talking About The Readability of Industrial Touch Display

Sep. 19, 2020

When choosing Industrial Touch Monitor, you think that industrial touch monitors are the most cost-effective. How much do you know in terms of specific performance? Industrial Monitor Touch Screen Displays give you the answer.

At present, in a large number of LCD products, the manufacturing process is different and cannot be applied to all fields. In order to provide the best application match with LCD, it is important to understand the clear target market and special design requirements. For example, many touch monitors are designed and manufactured specifically for consumers, including laptops, desktops, and low-end desktop monitors

However, due to the very competitive price and real-time market factors, ordinary modules do not meet the sustainability, reliability, and advanced characteristics of its industrial environment. The life cycle of products in consumer applications is usually very short. Therefore, displays designed and manufactured for these purposes generally can only be used for 1 to 2 years. In recent years, LCD has replaced CRT in industrial display applications, including industrial automation systems and testing and measuring devices. Compared with CRT display, LCD is more convenient for the industrial market, especially the choice of important standards such as space, readability, and durability.

Space constraints and space issues are significant factors that designers in the industrial field should consider. Industrial LCD Display is more flexible and thinner than CRT, so it is easier to find a suitable location for industrial equipment. On the other hand, the accessories of CRT have a large installation area, and there are also accessories that need to be installed in specific places of the factory. In addition, the LCD device design is highly portable, so it can flexibly support the work of making expensive equipment under the same conditions as before.

Industrial LCD Display

Industrial LCD Display


The readability of the Touch Display is another highlight of the LCD screen. It is important that touch displays in industrial applications need to support clear and accurate visual effects in many aspects under strong light environments. Almost all industrial environments are environments surrounded by strong light, challenging the readability of the display. The brighter the environment, the more difficult the transmission of the LCD screen. Because people's standard readable brightness is 250~300cd. Do some LCD manufacturers plan to expand the range to 450cd/sec? the above. However, these require more energy, which also shows that it is not the best solution. Moreover, these brightness levels are not sufficient to work in very bright environments.

One solution to improve the readability of touch displays in bright environments is to increase contrast without increasing power consumption. In a non-industrial environment, the typical contrast ratio ranges from 200:1 to 300:1, so machine operators cannot view the touch display from a certain distance. The contrast ratio is 450:1 up and down, suitable for industrial environments. To increase the contrast, people must be close to the contrast to distinguish between bright and dark images.

Anti-techniques provide another advantage for highlighting industrial environments. Transmissive reflective displays have both transmissive and reflective characteristics. Tells about reflection performance, so that it can be viewed in a dark environment with backlight, and enhance readability in a bright environment.


Multi-viewpoint readability is another selection factor. In a typical industrial environment, the operator wants to look at the display at an oblique angle instead of a front angle.

Therefore, when viewing an image from different angles, it is important that the distortion or color change of the image is small. In particular, the display settings in the consumer application cannot end the work smoothly because the image is missing or does not look oblique.

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