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2019/09/27 Daily News: Smart City and Intelligent Manufacturing

Sep. 27, 2019

B2B / B2G: smart city

Jiangmen Node of "Digital Government" Government Cloud Platform in Guangdong Province is Opened

Jiangmen Unicom is responsible for the construction of the platform, designed according to the "two places and three centers" structure and the layout principle of provincial government cloud "1 + N + M" . It is reported that the "digital government" of Jiangmen City focuses on the development and utilization of the value of data resources. Specific planning and construction contents include calculation, data, connection, perception of the "four major hubs" and the "five wisdom systems" of coordination, supervision, regulation, decision-making and command.


Seengene Tech Launches Intelligent Travel Service at Daxing Airport

The service is based on 5G network. The staff can recognize the face of the passengers at the boarding gate by wearing XMAN smart glasses. The passengers can get on the plane by "brushing" their faces without presenting any documents, paper boarding passes or electronic boarding passes.


Strategic Cooperation Between Fubon Bank and Tencent Cloud

The two sides will cooperate in the transformation of banking finance, science and technology and in the construction of digital capacity, and work together to build a digital bank.


B2B: Intelligent Manufacturing

Cooperation Between Guangdong Mobile and TCL

The two sides will carry out joint innovation laboratory, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent park based on 5G to build 5G + industrial Internet Application Benchmark for electronic manufacturing industry, and announce the launch of 5G + industrial Internet demonstration park project.


Taier Group Intends to Invest in "Long-timber Intelligent Manufacturing Project"

The "Investment Contract" signed by Taier Group with Sinosteel and Ma'anshan Economic Development Zone Management Committee shows that the total investment of the project is about 500 million CNY, and the first phase plan investment is about 123 million CNY. Taier Group and Sinosteel will be registered in Ma'anshan Economic Development Zone to establish a project company.


Hifuture Invests Israel 3D Printing Company

Hifuture Electric intends to subscribe to the preferred share of the D-round financing of Israel company Xjet with its own capital of 25 million US dollars. Subsequently, the company intends to invest an additional $20 million or more (the total amount does not exceed $45 million). The proportion of the company's post-investment holdings is determined by the final size of Xjet's current round of financing.

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