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Daily News: Smart City and Intelligent Manufacturing

Sep. 23, 2019

B2B/B2G: Smart City

Strategic Cooperation Between People's Daily, Palace Museum and Alibaba

The three sides will make use of Ali's ability in digital technology and new retail, and turn the Palace Museum's rich collection into a new Internet Celebrity IP, bringing the Palace Museum into the lives of young people. In addition, the new IP of "Imperial Palace Stationery" jointly built by People's Daily and the Palace Museum has also announced its official presence in Tmall, the biggest B2C platform in China.


Strategic Cooperation Between Hefei High-tech Zone Government and arm 

The two sides will jointly set up the intelligent city innovation center of arm Internet of things, give full play to the role of arm in the chip industry based on computing power, security and ecology, work together to solve the problems of urban intelligence, digital management and governance, and lead Hefei High-tech Zone to upgrade the chip, Internet of things and intelligent industries in an all-round way.


Baheal Intelligent Technology Builds Qingdao Medical Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Innovation Center 

It is reported that the center will build a cross-border platform to develop practical intelligent medical technologies with real application scenarios, such as intelligent assistant diagnosis and treatment, AI medical imaging, post-diagnosis intelligent management, and realize the transformation and application of related achievements.


B2B: Intelligent Manufacturing

Huawei Industrial Internet Identity Resolution Solution was Officially Released 

Huawei industrial Internet Identity Resolution Solution is based on Huawei Cloud. It provides standard cloud, resource-specific cloud and stack-specific cloud three one-stop deployment solutions for secondary node construction units to meet different customer needs.


Hon Hai Group's New Intelligent Manufacturing Center in the United States 

Hon Hai Group's U.S. investment project, Wisconn Valley Science and Technology Park, has entered a new stage, with the addition of smart manufacturing centers and high-speed computing centers. Among them, the Intelligent Manufacturing Center covers an area of 260,000 square feet, designed for high mixing, medium and low capacity, mainly producing parts of the server rack.


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Smart City and Intelligent Manufacturing

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