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Touch Think Intelligence Campus Solution

Background introduction

In the current teaching process, there are some problems in the traditional teaching process on terms of check-in, question confirmation, question interaction and classroom small test. Traditional teaching methods are no longer suited to the needs of modern teaching. Touch Think based on the development of Internet of Things, providing a new modern intelligent classroom system solution which integrates campus wisdom teaching, attendance, asset management, environmental wisdom regulation, video surveillance and remote control. It brings new opportunity and solutions for the education industry.


1. Teaching system: touch electronic whiteboard all-in-one PC:

According to the characteristics of the teaching system, Touch Think developed an electronic whiteboard touch control all-in-one tablet PC. Its functions include: electronic teaching, power amplifier, speaker, wireless microphone, pickup, question answerer, supporting control and other software components. The touch projector with built-in electronic whiteboard function replaces the traditional blackboard teaching, realizes dust-free teaching and protects the health of teachers and students. It can operate the computer on the projection screen and configure the Q&A device on each students' table to realize better interactive classroom teaching between teachers and students.

 industrial display

2. LED Display System: Information Read Display

In order to satisfy the requirement that many students on campus can see the content of information screen from any angle of view, a wide-angle LED display has been developed. The brightness of the display screen can be automatically changed according to different environments, so that the notification information can be read clearly in any environment. The display system can publish and display the schedule of the school. Information such as course name, teacher, class arrival rate and environmental data collected by sensors should be notified.


3. Personnel Attendance System: Intelligent Entrance Face Recognition All-in-one PC

Touch Think has developed a complete attendance system consisting of HMI industrial all-in-one panel PC, also called attendance machine, attendance card and supporting control software in order to accurately supervise students. Install a attendance machine at the entrance of the campus, use labels to make attendance statistics for students, carry out face recognition and identity verification for people entering the campus, carry out attendance statistics for legitimate users, and alarm illegal users. At the same time, the intelligent development of attendance machine can be wireless coverage through WiFi, remote monitoring of attendance, statistics and archive printing.

 access verification panel pc

4. Campus Video Surveillance and Control System Display 

The campus monitoring system is composed of WiFi wireless camera and supporting monitoring software. Video surveillance can provide reference for security system, assets storage and personnel access. A WiFi wireless camera is installed in front and back doors of the classroom to monitor personnel's access and assets'entry and exit, and a WiFi wireless camera is installed in the classroom to monitor the real-time situation inside the classroom. The collected images are transmitted to the terminal management computer through the remote radio frequency unit to provide real-time monitoring data. In this project, Touch Think offer excellent industrial monitor with high definition image and data in the central monitoring room, its reliable and stable performance well-ensured 7*24 hours long-time operation.

 industrial monitor

Intelligent classroom is a form of digital classroom and future classroom. Intelligent classroom uses modern means to cut into the whole teaching process. It makes the classroom simple, efficient and intelligent. It helps to develop students'ability of independent thinking and learning.

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