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Bank Self-exchange Machine Equipped With Industrial Monitor & Fanless PC

Application Background


In recent years, the demand for the financial industry is increasing day by day, and the problem that the financial services provided can not meet the demand is becoming more and more serious; the bank's cash processing basically relies on manual work, and the efficiency is low. The emergence of a self-service cash-coin exchange machine improves the convenience of exchange. It solves the disadvantages and deficiencies of the current business acceptance platform of financial agencies and improves the business acceptance ability of financial agencies.


Bank Self-exchange Machine Equipped With Industrial Monitor

Brief Introduction of the Self-exchange Machine


Cash-coin exchange equipment is a new type of service equipment installed in a fixed place to handle specified business requirements. The machine can realize the functions of changing cash into whole coins, changing coins into cash or depositing them into bank cards, mutual exchange of large and small denominations of cash, and mixed exchange of cash and coins; at the same time, it has the functions of two-way prefix number query of cashed and self circulation of coins.


The machine is characterized in that the cabinet module is equipped with a touch screen, password keyboard, electric card reader, voucher printing, whole volume currency export, note circulation module, and scattered currency export. These components are connected with the main control module.


The front of the cabinet module includes an uplift door and a lower revolving door. The touch screen, voucher printing, electric card reader, and banknote circulation module are set on the upper tilting door slope. The password keyboard and the entry port of the scattered currency are set on the step surface of the upper lift door, and the exit of the whole roll of currency and the outlet of the scattered currency are arranged on the lower revolving door. The back surface of the cabinet module comprises two revolving doors.


The cabinet module is also provided with a terminal that is connected with the financial system through wired communication or wireless communication.


Touch Think products can be safely applied to this kind of all-in-one machine. The specific functional modules and performance parameters involved are as follows:


Functional Module:


1. Main control module ( Industrial embedded PC )

Its performance parameters are as following:

• Industrial grade industrial control board, CPU: Intel Celeron dual-core, main frequency 2.7GHz;

• Memory: DDR3 4G;

• Hard disk: SATA 2.5", 500G;

• Display: integration of Intel HD graphics accelerator, support VGA, DVI display interface, can achieve synchronous/asynchronous dual display;

• USB 3.0 interface: 4;

• 2*USB interfaces

• 100 / 1000Mbps two adaptive Ethernet interfaces (optional wireless network);

• Serial port: 4 * RS232, 600W surge protection and 8Kv static protection;

• Bus extender GPIO: supports 8-channel input and 8-channel output.


2. Display module ( Industrial touch screen monitor )

Its performance parameters are as following:

• Front display: 17 inch LED LCD with a resolution of 1280 * 1024;

• Touch screen: 17 inch infrared touch screen, high resolution, high precision.


Beneficial Effect

It has the characteristics of a wide range of exchange and high exchange efficiency, which greatly reduces the pressure of the bank exchange business and can fully meet the exchange demand of the broad masses of people.

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