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Customized Items Of Touch Think Industrial Monitor & Panel PC

Nov. 29, 2020

In the process of manufacturing transformation, intelligent hardware, as a product category, is widely used in all aspects of production and manufacturing, such as industrial intelligent self-service terminal equipment, also known as industrial tablet PC, industrial all-in-one panel PC, industrial touch screen monitor, etc.


As a touch display category, the industrial intelligent self-service terminal can be used for workshop electronic Kanban display, production line process Kanban, station intelligent SOP, and other scenes in the manufacturing application. It can be used as the display equipment of the control center. It is an indispensable component of production systems such as CNC machine tool, industrial robot console, automatic production line control cabinet, feeding control cabinet, etc., and is also the main carrier equipment of production management control system including MES, DCS / PLC, etc.

 Customized Items Of Touch Think Industrial Monitor

So, as necessary equipment in many links of automatic production and manufacturing, what is the difference between the application of industrial intelligent self-service terminal and general commercial touch terminals?


According to the experience of Touch Think accumulated for many years, supporting diversified customization is one of the core advantages of industrial intelligent self-service terminal equipment widely used in the industrial fields. The customized services offered by Touch Think is mainly divided into two categories: general customization and project customization.

 Customized Items Of Touch Think Industrial Monitor

General custom service


General customization service refers to local modification, individual parts replacement, special function addition, and other services based on the supplier's original standard model. Such as the following upgrade Customization:


1) LCD screen customization: brightness, wide temperature, visual angle upgrade, and anti UV film, anti-glare film.


2) Logo customization: screen printing of touch screen, frame screen printing, surface frame laser, boot display interface.


3) Interface customization: USB, COM port touch, Phoenix terminal power supply, aviation interface, etc.


4) Function customization: wide voltage module, built-in power supply, video AV interface, DP interface.

Generally speaking, the essential difference between general customization and project customization of industrial intelligent self-service terminal equipment mainly lies in distinguishing the nature of users. As Touch Think that has been deeply cultivated in the industry for many years, the customized service of project manufacturers undoubtedly shows more competitive advantages in the market and is also the main development direction of the company in the future.


5) Motherboard upgrading: mainboard types, RAM, memory upgrade, wide temperature operation, etc.


6) Built-in module customization: NFC / RFID, ID card reader, optical sensor, infrared sensor, gravity sensor, GPS, relay, 3G / 4G card port, etc.


Project customization service


Project customization refers to the product development and production of the whole machine from the product appearance, size, use environment, performance configuration, module function, installation method, testing, and certification, etc. according to the specific requirements of the project.


1) Appearance customization: color and shape can be customized as per customers' requirements.


2) Size customization: standard display size for Touch Think industrial monitors are 7 "~ 21.5", other display sizes can be customized as required.


3) Product performance customization: standard industrial monitors and industrial panel PCs are designed with high & low-temperature resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and front IP65 protection, for some more hazardous environments, fully-enclosed dust, and water-proof is customizable.


4) Installation methods: in addition to desktop mounting, embedded mounting, cantilever mounting, wall hanging, support custom installation brackets.


5) Testing and certification: the Touch Think industrial monitors and panel PCs have CE, RoHS, KCC, ISO9001 approved, for some special applications, if the product testing and certification is needed according to project customers, some extra test and certifications is customizable.


Touch Think OEM/ODM Custom Workflow Figure & Some Functional Module Examples:

Customized Items Of Touch Think Industrial Monitor

Generally speaking, the essential difference between general customization and project customization of industrial intelligent terminal equipment mainly lies in distinguishing the nature of users. As Touch Think has been deeply cultivated in the industrial touch control and display solution for many years, with its powerful R&D and custom capability, it has been the top leading manufacturer in the market. The customers it serves mainly come from a variety of fields, including industrial automation, automated CNC machine tools, medical, marine, equipment manufacturing, commercial displaying equipment, etc. In addition to the production of standard products, customized services in these areas are also the company's future development direction.

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