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New Product! C Series Open Frame Panel PC Based On ARM Architecture

Jul. 09, 2023

With the innovative development of technology and the rapid rise of flexible manufacturing, the market demand for open products with a high degree of freedom and customizability is increasing. More and more customers hope to choose supporting hardware and functions without structural limitations to build solutions that meet their specific requirements.


Based on this, Touch Think recently launched a new C Series of open-frame ARM architecture industrial panel computers, providing customers with high-performance industrial computing products with flexible structures and reliable functions.


This C Series open-frame Android panel PC is not only reflected in the openness of the hardware structure but also in the customization of performance and the openness of the system platform.


Openness in hardware structure


This open-frame panel PC adopts a special design without a shell, which is directly connected to the motherboard and display screen, leaving more space for integration with other devices/modules, helping customers better plan functions and enhance product application value.


At present, this open frame panel PC offers four screen size options: 7 ", 8", 10.1 ", and 11.6", supporting other sizes customization to meet flexible product application needs.


The openness of hardware performance


This open-frame panel PC comes with a self-developed high-performance RK3288 industrial motherboard, equipped with a Quad-core Cortex-A17 processor and Mali-T764 GPU. It supports dual channel LVDS/eDP and HDMI 4K output, offering flexible and smooth human-computer interaction. What's more, this panel PC supports 8GB memory and 64GB storage, supports SD card expansion, and USB/SD/TF external storage. Integrating Gigabit Ethernet, 3G/4G data communication, and dual-band,  WiFi/Bluetooth, data transmission is faster and more stable.


Touch Think open frame panel computer integrates multiple serial port protocols such as RS232, TTL, and GPIO, and supports extended interfaces such as 8*USB2.0, RJ45, and HDMI, meeting a wide range of peripheral application needs.


In addition, Touch Think also provides more open configuration options, including A64, RK3399, CX3568, CX3588, and other different motherboard selections, and supports module function installation and hardware performance upgrades and customized services. Create an ideal product solution for your needs.


The openness of the System platform

Touch Think C Series open frame panel PC adopts the ARM architecture platform and is compatible with Android, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, and other operating systems. This "openness" can help customers achieve seamless cross-platform integration.


What's more, benefiting from the strong open source advantages of the Android system, Touch Think C Series open frame panel PC can provide SDK development kits and API codes for system debugging to assist customers in secondary development, and fully customize unique personalized applications. This "openness" feature provides great convenience for customers' function expansion and optimization.


The industrial panel PC with an open-frame structure, and based on the ARM architecture, has more flexible installation and high adaptability. It has ideal industrial protection attributes, including flame-proof, explosion-proof, moisture-proof, anti-magnetic, electric interference, anti-static, etc. It supports wide temperature (working temperature -10℃~60℃) and wide voltage (DC 12V-36V) operation, fully guaranteeing application reliability.


Combining the openness advantages such as customization and platforms, the Touch Think C Series open frame ARM panel PC has been widely used in intelligent robots, self-service terminal equipment, smart lockers, industrial control, and other fields. It is your best choice for creating intelligent human-computer interaction applications.

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