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Touch Think Android all-in-one PC Used In Sewage Treatment Solution

Sewage Treatment Concept


Sewage treatment (wastewater treatment) is an important part of modern urban governance. Changing the nature of sewage so that it does not pollute the water quality and environment is an important measure to ensure residents' life and health and future sustainable development.


In the digital age, people have upgraded the sewage treatment process in order to be efficient and safe. Relying on Cloud Computing, Internet, and other technologies for collection, integration, analysis, and treatment, establish mutual agreement models of various links, analyze the implicit relationship between water, electricity, and medicine consumption in production links and treatment, drainage, production, and discharge, and find out the management scheme for optimizing the production process of the sewage treatment plant.


Introduction to the sewage treatment system


The sewage treatment system can monitor the three main links of the sewage treatment enterprise, i.e. inlet, output, and discharge, and realize the real-time control and fine management of the production process of the sewage treatment enterprise through the Cloud Computing Platform, so as to achieve standardized management, energy conservation and consumption reduction The purpose of reducing staff and increasing efficiency.


The specific sewage treatment system is divided into centralized control and decentralized control. The data of the whole system is collected and processed through touch display equipment. The system functions include user login, real-time process flow chart display, alarm display, real-time curve display, historical curve display, parameter setting, event record, and report processing.

 Touch Think Android all-in-one PC Used In Sewage Treatment Solution

The touch screen on the sewage treatment equipment displays the process flow chart of the whole plant in real-time and dynamically. The flow chart includes the operation status of various equipment and various real-time process parameters.


Due to the limitation of screen size, the whole plant process flow chart, all equipment conditions, and process parameters of the sewage treatment plant cannot be displayed on one screen. Multiple screens are required for flow chart display, and the flow chart can be switched through screen switching.


The system adopts multiple touch screens so that the pictures of each piece of equipment inserted in the project can be clearly displayed, the dynamic flow of the pipeline can run smoothly, and the process can be realized more vividly; At the same time, it makes the whole process of sewage treatment more transparent, smarter and safer.

 Touch Think Android all-in-one PC Used In Sewage Treatment Solution

The requirements for touch display equipment in the operation of sewage treatment systems include the following points.


1. The monitoring system must ensure high real-time, accuracy and reliability of equipment operation, and there must be strict authority restrictions on equipment operation.


2. For real-time data processing and display, the data display shall have rich dynamic graphics, trends, reports, and other visual ways, and the on-site information, real-time collected data, and alarm information shall be integrated into the same screen display. At the same time, you can view the previous curve pictures, historical data, and alarm information.


3. High compatibility and scalability, meet the needs of system upgrading.


4. Due to the special environment of wet and vibration in sewage treatment, there is a higher demand for moisture-proof and shockproof touch display equipment.


Introduction to Touch Think 5th-GEN Android all-in-one Panel PC


In the case of the sewage treatment system, the Touch Think 5th-GEN Android all-in-one panel PC is not only the main control platform but also the equipment control platform on the sewage treatment site. Its own functional characteristics match with the sewage treatment system and application environment to meet the needs of long-term and stable operation.


1. The 5th-GEN Android all-in-one PC adopts a pure flat panel design, the front frame is IP65 dust-proof and waterproof, and the structure is firm and durable, which effectively deals with the dust and humid environment in the sewage treatment plant.


2. In terms of performance, it is equipped with an Allwinner A64 Cortex-A53 quad-core 64-bit processor CPU. The main frequency is up to 1.8GHz and the operation speed is fast. It can meet the requirements of information transmission and connection. It can also upgrade RK3288 quad-core 1.8GHz and RK3399 six-core 2.0GHz.


3. Equipped with the Android operating system, it provides an SDK software development kit and API interface reference code, which has good compatibility and scalability and can meet the needs of sewage treatment software upgrading and application.


4. Support reset function, self-diagnosis, automatic restart of equipment in case of fault, and support early warning for fault to avoid sudden interruption of system/equipment and irreparable loss.


5. Adopts new Phoenix terminal design, offers stable transmission, shockproof and dustproof performance.

 Touch Think Android all-in-one PC Used In Sewage Treatment Solution



Sewage treatment reflects the management level of a city. A complete sewage treatment system can make sewage treatment more efficient. As the hardware equipment of the sewage treatment system, touch display equipment needs to meet the requirements of system operation and upgrading, match the application environment, and play an intelligent role in the sewage treatment process. For more industrial monitor and industrial panel PCs' application cases and product information, please feel free to check our full solution line-ups here.

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