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Industrial computer environmental protection environmental monitoring solution

Industrial computer environmental protection environmental monitoring solutionCurrent situation of environmental protection industry

As the technical department of national environmental protection system, environmental monitoring department is the important foundation of environmental management. With the enhancement of citizens' environmental awareness, more and more people begin to care about the quality of the environment they live in and demand transparency in environmental protection work; higher authorities also need a large number of information with a wide variety and fast update for the work. All of these give the environmental monitoring department a problem that should be paid attention to: how to establish a practical, wide-ranging, flexible environmental data collection system to meet the needs of all aspects of environmental monitoring information.


In the environmental protection system, many pollution discharge stations need to be monitored in real time, and most of the monitoring data need to be sent to the back-end server of the management center in real time for processing. While the monitoring stations are scattered and widely distributed, and most of them are set in the areas with poor environment, and it is low efficiency for the data be transmitted by telephone line. So data transmission through GPRS wireless network has become one of the communication means by environmental protection departments now. The pollution source monitoring equipment send the collected pollution data and alarm information to the environmental protection monitoring department through the network in time, realize the timely management of the pollutant discharge companies or individual, and greatly improve the work efficiency of the environmental protection department.

 Project requirements

Environmental protection data acquisition system is a pollution source monitoring system composed of pollution source emission monitoring stations and monitoring center. The system support automatically sample the pollution sources and monitor the main pollution factors online; master the emission situation of urban pollution sources and the total emission of pollution sources, and the monitoring data will be automatically transmitted to the environmental protection monitoring center; the computer in the monitoring center will carry out data collection, sorting and comprehensive analysis; then the monitoring information will be transmitted to the Environmental Protection Bureau, which will supervise and manage the pollution sources.


At present, the data communication between the environmental protection monitoring station and each collection position mainly adopts manual recording or PSTN telephone line transmission. When using telephone line to transmit data, it needs to wait for each dialing, which is slow and high cost. At the same time, due to the wide distribution, large number and long distance of each monitoring stations, some of them are also located in remote areas, so many telephone lines need to be applied for, and some of them are hard to reach destinations. GPRS of industrial tablet PC has the characteristics of fast speed and low cost. Compared with wired communication, wireless communication is very flexible. It has the advantages of flexible networking, easy expansion, low operation cost, simple maintenance and high performance. Therefore, GPRS wireless transmission can be used to solve the problem of real-time transmission of pollution source monitoring data.


So what makes the industrial tablet PC become the most suitable choice for the environmental monitoring application in environmental protection system industry?


Industrial computer environmental protection environmental monitoring solution1. Requirements for big data processing

In the environmental protection system, the data-based management service needs the integrated use of software and hardware, it needs to conduct real-time monitoring on many pollution emission stations, most of the monitoring data needs to be sent to the back-end server of the management center in real time for processing. However, due to the fact that the real monitoring stations are extremely scattered, wide range, and most of them are set in the areas with poor environment, it is obviously difficult for human to complete such a hard work. However, it is highly efficient to monitor and record data through industrial tablet PCs, and then transmit these data through the network.


2. Centralized management of the platform

Large data induction management system software can be installed inside the industrial panel, providing an information channel for managers, internal users of energy consumption at all levels and ordinary users to access at any time, which can maximize the openness of real-time data and better take care of the people's life. In addition, the friendly operation experience, less difficulty in use and visual management interface improve the accuracy of information transmission and timeliness of work flow, which improves the convenience of unified coordination and management of the environmental sanitation department.


3. Application of embedded module:

There are many technical factors involved in the environmental protection work, such as the detection of various chemical elements in gas and liquid, so as to judge whether the environmental standard level is reached. Taking the exhaust gas collection as an example, the flow rate and concentration of flue gas as well as the content of pollutants such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, ammonia and sulfur dioxide need to be detected. According to the difference of demand, the environmental protection industrial tablet PC support the embedding of new module functions, such as installing a set of flue gas continuous online monitoring system, or adding an external transmission instrument or sensor for data collection, which can upload the collected data in real time, this functional modules make great sense for the supervision and law enforcement to waste water and exhaust gas in enterprises.


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