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Digital Control Panel of Sponge Cutter Machine

The sponge is a kind of common porous elastic material with good water absorption. In daily life, people often use it as cleaning goods. Sponges are divided into natural sponges and artificial sponges. Natural sponges are commonly used for body cleaning and painting, while artificial sponges are widely used in the automobile industry, battery industry, cosmetics industry, and underwear manufacturing industry, and high-end furniture manufacturing industry due to their own characteristics.


Due to the wide application and the requirements for the application shape of sponge, the high-precision sponge cutting machine is designed as special equipment. Usually, the sponge cutting machine is composed of two parts, the cutting table, and the console. They can complete all kinds of sponge shape cutting, sofa armrest, cushion, etc.


The sponge cutting machine is mainly controlled by the industrial touch computer on the console. CAD, Lumion, PS, and other design software are installed on the computer. Through three-dimensional graphics, accurate to mm, it can complete the graphic cutting with high speed and no dust. Different from the traditional manual cutting, this kind of digital control can make more sponge shape, and the utilization rate of the sponge is higher than manual cutting, which better meets the growing diversified demand in the market.

 Digital Control Panel of Sponge Cutter Machine

Sponge cutting machine is actually similar to the laser cutting machine, flame cutting machine, and stone cutting machine. Different cutting tools and raw materials give them different names. Due to the different working objects and cutting tools of cutting machines, their requirements for automatic control devices are also different.


High-frequency vibration and dust caused by cutting are the common environments of large automatic cutting equipment, so anti-vibration and dust-prevention are the basic requirements for the automatic control device.


As the professional automation control solution provider, Touch Think offers touch control and display solutions for industrial equipment, intelligent control, and the Internet of things. With its excellent advantages in terms of production capability, OEM/ODM ability, Touch Think meets the needs of the actual situation of equipment application.

 Digital Control Panel of Sponge Cutter Machine

The control device installed on the sponge cutting machine acts as the brain for the whole equipment, here mainly refers to the industrial touch screen computer. This computer usually built with industrial-grade quality, and a touch screen for a better operation experience. Its mainboard must be designed with anti-surge, which can deal with the voltage instability in the industrial field. There is a buffer time when the current passes, to prevent the sudden strong current from damaging the motherboard and affecting the control and operation.


What's more, due to the cutting machines usually produce strong vibration, so the industrial touch PC should be built with anti-vibration and anti-falling off, not only for the whole equipment but also for the interface with the computer. The interface of Touch Think industrial touch screen computer is upgraded and designed to prevent falling off to meet the industrial environment.


Besides, long-time operation control is the basic requirement for the automatic cutting machine control device, high-performance processing can be equipped with a variety of drawing software, and providing simple operation, high cutting precision, low failure rate, low consumption rate, and support self-diagnosis status, failure alarm and so on.


The sponge cutting machine is a kind of automation equipment, for most of the automation control equipment, many custom requirements are needed. Touch Think offers a high-reliability industrial all-in-one computer to offer excellent touch control & display solution and meets a variety of OEM/ODM requests for this equipment.



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