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Industrial Panel PC Offers Reliable Smart Control For Screw Air Compressors



Air compressor refers to the air pressure generating device with air as the medium. The Air compressor is the basic product of industrial modernization, the core equipment of the pneumatic system, and the main part of the electromechanical air source device. It is a device that converts original mechanical energy into gas pressure energy. There are many kinds of air compressors, of which reciprocating piston compressor and screw air compressor are the main types. Air compressors are widely used in mining, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, civil engineering, petrochemical industry, construction, steel, chemical industry, electronic power, medicine, packaging, food, textile, transportation, and the national defense industry.


In addition, the demand for air compressors in medical, textile, food, agriculture, transportation, and other industries is also growing. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards. Air compressor has become indispensable key equipment in various departments of the national economy.

 Industrial Panel PC Offers Reliable Smart Control For Screw Air Compressors

Requirements of air compressor to industrial all in one panel PC


Due to the wide application of air compressor, its installation environment is also diverse, for example, some air compressor operating environment temperature is high, humidity is high, full dust particles in the air, and even some operating environment will have corrosive and irritant gas, these factors require the air compressor to have good performance to deal with the harsh environment, as an important part of the air compressor, the industrial touch all-in-one panel PC, also need to be built with reliable to meet harsh environmental factors, some challenges also come from the air compressor itself. For example, the air compressor will produce certain vibrations in the process of working, especially at the moment of starting.


Therefore, the requirements of the air compressor for its touch screen panel PC are summarized as follows:


1. The whole machine needs to achieve industrial quality and industrial reliability;

2. Good dustproof and waterproof panel and screen;

3. Good anti-vibration, anti-corrosion, and anti-static performance; 

4. Wide operating range of temperature and voltage;

5. Perfectly embedded into the air compressor; 

6. Support 24 / 7 long working hours; 

7. Simple screen, sensitive touch mode, easy to control; 

8. To deal with the high-frequency vibration environment of air compressor, it is required to have excellent shockproof performance; 

9. Air compressor is generally used in places with large demand. The industrial panel PC should meet the requirements of long-time operation and low power consumption.


Application analysis of Touch Think industrial all in one panel PC


The air compressor customers choose the Touch Think 2nd generation of 15-inch industrial all-in-one touch panel PC, which can meet the general requirements of the air compressor mentioned above. Specifically, Touch Think industrial panel PC applied to air compressor has the following highlights:


1. The advanced microcomputer control drive system realizes intelligent control, variable speed control, automatic adjustment of gas volume, load start, and soft start.


2. The elimination of current surges and the prolongation of the service life of industrial-grade components greatly increase the reliability of the system.


3. Intelligent dynamic control, dynamic display of the working conditions of various parts of the air compressor, real-time intuitive air pressure, temperature, current working curve;


4. Large memory 8m flash ROM + 16m SD ram, which can store thousands of historical fault records.


5. It is equipped with a printer interface, which can print the working information table of the air compressor at any time. RJ45 Ethernet interface supports the interconnection between HMI and Ethernet controller or PC.


6. The ultra-thin flat seamless front panel, with the dustproof and waterproof grade of IP65, effectively adapts to all kinds of harsh working environments and ensures the long-term and efficient operation of the industrial panel PC.

 Industrial Panel PC Offers Reliable Smart Control For Screw Air Compressors

Application Value


The air compressor can set different operation modes through the industrial panel PC, realizing speed control, automatic adjustment of air volume, dynamic display of the working conditions, real-time check the are pressure, temperature, current working curve, etc. For example, according to the working time of the factory, the weekly work schedule can be set on the panel PC in advance, and the air compressor can start automatically on time according to the set work schedule and shut down, so as to realize 24 hours unattended work.


In a word, the application value of Touch Think industrial panel PC in the air compressor is mainly reflected in the high-reliability and cost performance. Its industrial performance can meet the requirements of the air compressor for central control. Besides, the industrial main board of the panel PC has low power consumption, meets the requirements of high-frequency use and long-time standby, anti-vibration, and wide temperature design, and has strong adaptability to the working environment, meeting the long-term and stable operation of the air compressor.

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