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Industrial All-in-one Touch PC Applied In MES System

Background Introduction

With the acceleration of the process of global economic integration, the automobile manufacturing industry is facing increasingly fierce international competition. Enterprises begin to pay more attention to how to respond to market changes quickly, and meet customer needs through constantly improving services.


However, traditional production site management is like "black box operation", which lacks effective monitoring tools for production site, information such as real-time output rate, online yield fluctuation, process stability and product quality traceability. The problem can only be remedied after the event, which can not meet today's complex and changeable competition needs.


Therefore, how to make the "black box operation" transparent, find out the problems that affect the product quality and manufacturing cost, improve the real-time and flexibility of the plan, and improve the operation efficiency of the production line has become the concern of every enterprise.



The concept of Manufacturing execution system (MES) is put forward by AMR in the early 1990s, aiming to strengthen the executive function of MRP plan, connect MRP plan with workshop floor control, and connect with the execution system. The workshop field control includes PLC program controller, data collector, bar code, various measuring and testing instruments, manipulator, etc. Necessary interfaces are set in MES system to establish cooperation relationship with manufacturers providing production site control facilities.


Industrial All-in-one Touch PC Applied In MES SystemMES is located in the middle layer of the whole plant system, which is responsible for integrating all the systems of the whole plant and forming a data platform. The upper layer ERP, the lower layer PLC, sensors, RFID, scanners, etc. MES automatically accepts ERP business orders, schedules production and issues production instructions to operators or lower level equipment.


According to the needs of MES application in the field, Touch Think has designed a series of industrial tablet PCs, industrial all in one panel PC, industrial micro box PCs to meet customers' requirements, these industrial PCs are produced with stable, durable, smooth operation and easy to install and maintain.


MES automatically accepts ERP business orders, schedules production and issues production instructions to operators or lower layer PLC, sensors, RFID readers, barcode scanning guns, workshop led display screen, fault indication, barcode printing, KVM switching query equipment status, etc. Touch Think industrial tablet PCs designed with high industrial grade reliable performance and are suitable for 7x24 continuous operation in harsh factory environment. At the same time, the rich I/O interface enables PCs to communicate with many other peripherals.


MES scheme provides an effective way for enterprises to manage the production process transparently, which makes up for the defect of ERP or MRP that emphasizes the control of plans rather than monitoring to the execution on the manufacturing site, and optimizes the management of the whole production process from the issuance of production orders to the completion of products through the transmission of information.

Industrial All-in-one Touch PC Applied In MES System

Through the use of bar code scanning technology, digital connection terminal, equipment chip storage, RFID and other automatic data collection means, the implementation of the production site in-process products, materials and manufacturing process quality information. Establish integrated production site control and quality management platform and complete production process database, so as to meet the real-time monitoring and comprehensive traceability requirements of the enterprise for the production process, and help the enterprise continuously improve product quality through quality management and after-sales service, so as to achieve the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction.

System Overview

MES manufacturing execution solution integrates the excellent management experience of top manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad, integrates manufacturing elements such as personnel, equipment and materials into the supply chain platform with the concept of lean production, reduces manual errors, improves the work efficiency of the production line, and provides accurate and detailed data for product and production line data statistics, so as to realize the enterprise manufacturing end-to-end matching from Fast response of front-end customer needs, so as to help customers forge excellent manufacturing enterprises.


Production planning and production scheduling: production planning and production scheduling management module is the connection module between macro planning management and micro production scheduling optimization management. Through effective planning and detailed production capacity scheduling, the production capacity can be maximized on the basis of timely delivery of customers' goods. For enterprises that produce according to orders, with the miniaturization, diversification and randomization of customer orders, this module becomes an effective way to adapt to orders, save production capacity and cost.

Industrial All-in-one Touch PC Applied In MES SystemProduction process control: This module controls the production process according to the production process to prevent the wrong, missing and multiple assembly of spare parts. It can collect data in the workshop in real time, monitor the production status and quality status of products during process, finished products and materials. At the same time, it can realize the production status supervision of employees by using the bar code automatic identification technology.


Data collection: it mainly collects two types of data, one is based on the automatic identification technology (barcode, RFID), which is mainly used in the assembly data collection of discrete industry, the other is based on the instrument data collection of equipment, which is mainly used in the material information collection of automatic control equipment and fluid production and is controlled and displayed by the industrial touch screen all in one PC.


Quality management: Based on the idea of total quality management, the quality management module records and analyzes the production and life cycle of the whole product from suppliers, raw materials to after-sales service, and strictly controls the quality problems in the production process on the basis of production process control. It can effectively prevent the flow of defective products and reduce the rate of defective products.


Conclusion: under the understanding of various advanced manufacturing production management technologies, the development of industrial tablet PC application in MES system of automobile industry will help the upper level of automobile enterprises to grasp the real-time dynamic of automobile assembly line in time and accurately, coordinate the collaborative work in the summary information system, improve the production efficiency and quality, and enhance the economic benefits of enterprises.

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