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Touch Think 15 inch industrial tablet PC Provide Solution For Intelligent Workshop

With the implementation of the 'Made in China 2025' strategic policy, the domestic manufacturing transformation has achieved initial results. Nowadays, more and more factories and workshops in China are gradually realizing the transformation of digitalization, automation and intelligence. Therefore, building "Intelligent Workshop" has become the main development goal of many domestic entity manufacturing factories.


As a top leading manufacturer of industrial intelligent touch display, industrial monitor and industrial panel PC in China, we have provide thousands of reliable, customized and trusted solutions for industrial automation and control applications. The products promote to realize digital, automatic and intelligent management of factories and production lines.


Project requirements

① Industrial environment is characterized by dust, oil and water, and the performance of industrial tablet PC needs to reach industrial performance level.

② There are many devices and interference in the industrial fields, and the industrial tablet PC needs to have anti-interference performance in such multiple signal environments. 

③ The production line need run for a long time, even 7/24 operation. In order to ensure production efficiency, industrial computers need to have stable performance. 

④ Due to the complexity of industrial use scenarios, industrial tablets need flexible installation methods.


Project solutions

Touch Think 15 inch industrial tablet PC with super anti-interference, dust-proof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, anti vibration and other performance, which can meet the long and stable standby in complex production environment and realize the real-time data collection, quality monitoring, efficiency monitoring, communication and interaction of the factory, ensure the successful and efficient production process, and build an efficient, lean and visual workshop for the enterprise.


Project application products


Touch Think 15 inch industrial tablet PC with X86-based ( Industrial Android tablet PC is optional )


① Full enclosed fanless dust-proof and water proof design, which is suitable for the industrial environment with much dust, water and oil stains.

② Default configuration is Windows operating system. User also can choose new fourth generation table PC with Android OS.

③ X86-based platform and adopts J1900, anti-interference reaches EMI standard, effectively preventing interference from other equipment.

④ Operation temperature for Touch Think industrial tablet PCs is - 10 ℃ - 60 ℃.

⑤ Ten-point touch screen with free control and fast response for any touch.

⑥ Multiple industrial installation mode: VESA, desktop, embedded and other flexible modes.

⑦ support customized services such as appearance color, touch screen, I/O interface, built-in module, etc.


Project application field


Touch Think industrial computers are suitable for touch display equipment applications in workshops of machinery manufacturing, textile, food and pharmaceutical, automobile manufacturing, paper making, printing, textile, plastics manufacturing, laser, tobacco, electronics, etc.


Project summary


In general, in the industrial field, performance of Touch Think industrial tablet PC fully meets the needs of users. At the same time, according to the different needs of users, provide comprehensive customized services.


In addition, with the continuous popularization of the concept of intelligent workshop, industrial tablet PC, as a data display center, will play an important role in the process of automation, digitalization and intellectualization in the domestic factory workshop, and its application scenarios will continue to expand. It can be predicted that the market potential of industrial tablet PC in the industrial field in future will be prospect!


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