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Industrial All-in-one Panel PC Used In Electrical Cabinet

With the continuous expansion of the application of industrial all-in-one panel PC in industrial automation, it has been widely used in intelligent workshop, CNC machine tools, industrial robot control, machine vision detection, AGV, logistics sorting, power cabinet and other industrial fields. Among them, based on the demand of intelligent management in today's electrical room, the use of industrial all-in-one PC in the power cabinet has gradually become hot in industry application.


Industrial All-in-one Panel PC Used In Electrical Cabinet1.Industry demand

As the touch display equipment applied in the cabinet of the electrical room, the industrial all-in-one tablet PC has high requirements in terms of configuration, stability and anti-interference due to the characteristics of the electrical room, such as a variety of complex data processing, multiple frequency converters, strong voltage interference and closed space.


In addition, as a professional industrial touch display equipment manufacturer, Touch Think, based on its own years of industry experience, as well as the good feedback from customers, the application of industrial all-in-one tablet PC in the electrical room cabinet, its touch screen technologies has become the main focus for majority of users. At present, the touch screen technologies of industrial all-in-one tablet PC mainly include resistance screen, capacitance screen, infrared touch screen, surface acoustic screen, etc., but the resistance screen and capacitance screen are the main choice in market.

2. Solutions

Therefore, based on the real needs of the application scenario of the cabinet in the electrical room, Touch Think relies on the actual case of its own products, while answering user's questions, and providing a specific product application scheme to help the user solve problem more pertinently.


Before understanding the application of the product, we should first figure it out about the difference between the capacitive touch screen and resistive touch screen of the industrial all-in-one tablet PC.


1. Difference between resistive screen and capacitive screen


1) Resistive screen: commonly known as "soft screen", which is divided into three layers in structure. The inner layer is glass, the outer layer is film, and ITO (indium tin metal oxide) is coated on the side adjacent to the film and glass.


Working principle: in short, resistive screen is actually a kind of sensor. When the resistance screen is operated, when the two layers of film and glass collide with each other, the current will have an impact. According to the data between the calculated force and current, the chip evaluates which position of the screen is under pressure and reacts. Due to the resistance screen is force touch, so this principle leads to the resistance screen can only touched by one point, it is difficult to achieve multi touch. This principle also makes the resistance screen of the industrial all-in-one tablet PC mainly used in the harsh industrial scenarios where full of dust, large temperature difference and it support operation with gloves.


2) Capacitive screen: commonly known as "hard screen", which is a four layer composite glass screen. The first layer is ITO to ensure the working environment, the second layer is glass, and the third layer is ITO coating for the working surface; the fourth layer is silica glass protective layer.


Working principle: the capacitive screen actually works by using the current induction of human body, which can be understood as requiring touch medium with bioelectricity to touch. In other words, the capacitive screen uses the lower layer to transmit signals to the upper layer. When the upper layer is contacted by the conductor, the lower layer can quickly receive messages and make calculations. Locate and respond to finger contact. Because of this, the capacitive screen can not only support multiple points at the same time, but also greatly improve the sensitivity when touching by fingers. Therefore, the capacitor screen is mostly used in normal industrial application scenarios which without special requirements.


3) Electrical cabinet users prefer capacitive touch mode


Based on the working principle of the above two touch modes and the demand of Touch Think's own users feedback, most of the electrical room cabinet users prefer to choose the capacitive screen touch mode. At the same time, in the aspect of capacitive touch screen, the anti-interference performance of Touch Think is recognized and trusted by users, and it can operate well in the power cabinet with strong electrostatic interference. Compared with the general capacitive touch screen on the market, it has a more competitive advantage.


Industrial All-in-one Panel PC Used In Electrical Cabinet4) Application products

1) Touch Think 17 inch industrial all-in-one tablet PC

2) Basic features of the product:

·The housing is made of aluminum alloy, the surface is painted and frosted, and the cooling hole is designed to make the whole machine have better heat dissipation effect.

·Speaker hole of the PC is designed with waterproof performance, uses the industrial sound permeable material technology, achieves the dustproof and waterproof effect.

·The product adopts 3mm thin front panel design, support embedded seamless installation for fitting the cabinet.

·The interface design includes USB / COM / VGA / HDMI / RJ45 network port and other ports. The functional interface is complete, this is convenient for users to connect external equipment.

·The industrial all-in-one tablet PC is pre-installed with Windows operation system, the operation interface is simple and easy to operate.

·Touch Think industrial tablet PC also supports customized services such as diversified modules, screens, and using environments, with more market advantages in terms of expansibility.


3. Main needs to meet the electrical room

·Based on the user's demand for high configuration and smooth operation, Touch  Think industrial all-in-one tablet PC is equipped with J1900 industrial main board, advanced 12NM technology, which can not only bring low power consumption, but also up to 2.4GHz peak frequency for its TB, greatly improving the comprehensive operation performance.

·Equipped with Intel Celeron quad-core CPU, the memory is DDR3L 1333 / 1600, the default is 2G (up to 8G), and the storage hard disk is MSATA, the default is 32G SSD (up to 512G), which ensure the smooth operation for user software.

·For the interference environment of multi frequency converter in the electrical room, the anti-interference product of Touch Think meets the EMI / EMC standard, and supports long-term stable operation without interference.

·It supports multiple Ethernet ports / WiFi to realize network wake-up function, and customize the interface to connect PLC.


4. Solution Advantages

1. The touch display equipment is installed in the cabinet of the electrical room, which is more conducive to the intelligent monitoring and management of all equipment in the electrical room.

2. Through the monitoring and display of the industrial all-in-one tablet PC, the operation temperature, power output and input of the power cabinet can be monitored and detected in real time to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the electrical room.

3. According to the big data collected by touch display equipment, the work efficiency of all equipment in the electrical room can be monitored to improve the operation level of the electrical room according to the evidence.

4. By setting the early warning programming in the industrial all-in-one tablet PC, it can monitor the equipment in the electrical room in advance to prevent the loss caused by the sudden damage of the equipment.

5. The touch industrial all-in-one tablet PC not only adapt to the operation environment with multiple interferences in the electrical room, but also enable each cabinet to realize intelligent operation management, intelligent maintenance safety, intelligent new energy power generation, etc., so as to achieve the goal of improving the core competitive advantage of the electrical room and promoting the sustainable development of electric power.


It can be said that the application of the industrial all-in-one tablet PC in the cabinet equipment of the electrical room help users to improve the operation efficiency and management of the electrical room to a large extent. At the same time, with the increasing demand of modern new electrical cabinet in the market, it also symbolizes that the application of industrial all-in-one tablet PC in electrical cabinet has become a popular application in the industry. It will also bring a new development opportunity for touch display equipment manufacturers!

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