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Android Industrial Tablet Applied To Food Processing Automation Industry

Modern food industry, from canned food to refrigerated food, from baked food to pastry and candy, all kinds of pasta, sauces and drinks, can not leave the industrial production methods in the production chain. At present, food production is completed in accordance with large-scale standardized industrial procedures. In this process, we should not only ensure the quality of food itself, but also ensure the quantity of output, and at the same time, we should also meet a series of stringent requirements such as strict hygienic standards, packaging, appearance, etc. As a typical representative of the advanced automation technology, the emergence of robots provides a perfect solution, which makes food enterprises find a good balance between ensuring production and controlling costs.


Automation technology is widely used in the food processing industry, especially, after the intervention of industrial tablet PCs, which makes the production process more simplified. Some pollution problems existing in the production process in the past but now resolved due to the use of industrial tablet PC, it reduced the raw materials from the source to the final products, not only solve the pollution problems in the production process, but also reduce the food production cycle. At present, the application of industrial robots in food mainly focuses on several types:


Packaging robot: in food industry, industrial robots are usually used in packaging process. And robots are popular mainly because of their flexibility. Packaging companies need to meet different requirements of consumers. Robots are more suitable for different sizes and shapes of packaging than traditional packaging equipment. For example, a potato chip production line that produces two kinds of packaging quantity, a robot can complete the packaging task, and the operator only needs to adjust his grip. Traditional equipment needs more parts adjustment.


Food products tend to be refined and diversified, more varieties while small batch products are increasingly becoming the mainstream. Most of the packaging work of domestic food factories, especially the arrangement and assembly of some complex packaging items, is basically manual operation, which is difficult to ensure the unity and stability of the packaging, and may cause pollution to the packaged products. The application of robot can effectively avoid these problems and realize intelligent control.


Picking robot: a picking robot refers to a robot that can pick and place one or more items randomly stacked and scattered together according to certain standards and principles. It saves labor and reduce operation errors after the original manual picking and configuration to the designated location are automated. It also support move heavy objects, so it helps to reduce the burden of operators. The difficulty of picking robot technology in food industry is similar to the similar robots in other industries. It is necessary to use robot vision system for object recognition to realize intelligent picking and corresponding operation.


Palletizing robot: using robot for palletizing is a common application in many industries, including food industry. It is fast and efficient by using robot to stack, and it can carry heavy goods, which greatly saves labor cost.


Processing robot: the application of industrial robot in the food processing industry is also wide. Such as automatic beef cutting robot, noodle cutting robot, curd slicing robot, etc. In order to make the robot system imitate the action of a skilled butcher skillfully, the final solution will be to integrate the sensor technology, artificial intelligence, robot manufacturing and other high technologies, so that the robot system can automatically adapt to various changes in product processing.


However, in these robots, display control is carried out through industrial tablet PCs.


In the process of food processing, transportation and storage, Android industrial tablet PC can directly, accurately and timely display the transportation and storage information of food accurately. In the process of food circulation, it is easy to grasp the specific flow direction of goods and product quality information.


Android industrial tablet shows a excellent performance in automation system and technical support plays, and it plays an important role in promoting the production efficiency and large-scale production of food processing enterprises. At the same time, Android industrial tablet also plays a key role in reducing labor intensity, labor cost, safety production and energy consumption in the whole process of food production process.


With the national attention to manufacturing industry, Android industrial tablet PC has accelerated the development of food processing industry from mechanical automation to full automation. A large number of advanced electronic equipment such as industrial tablet PC will promote the food processing industry become a technology intensive industry. It plays an important role in promoting food processing automation, production and transportation process and information management innovation in mode .


Android industrial tablet performance features:


1. PLC frequency conversion intelligent linkage control and multi-point synchronous control are adopted for the whole production line, with intelligent alarm for failure and human-machine interface control.


2. Multi point heating intelligent temperature control system. Heat insulation structure and oven temperature constant temperature with energy saving; high precision remote-infrared temperature controller, automatic ignition detection temperature separately control the upper and lower mold temperature; frequency conversion automatic control air and gas mixture to ensure full combustion of gas.


3. Efficient and fast rolling, 14000pcs/hour.


4. The grouting system with suction function solve the problem of slurry dropping at the end of grouting and ensure the product quality and operation reliability.


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