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Automatic Welding Machine Based On Touch Think 2nd-GEN Industrial Panel PC

With the development of industry digitization, automation, and intelligence, mechanical control technology has been developed rapidly, and the industry's demand for automatic welding is increasing, which makes it play a more and more important role in the application of various industries, and the application scope is expanding rapidly.


Application Background


As an automatic welding machine based on motor control technology, single-chip microcomputer control technology, PLC control technology, and numerical control technology, it is complying with the development trend of transformation. According to the HSE management advocated by many industrial enterprises, in order to improve the production environment of workers' field welding, automatic welding equipment has become one of the main equipment of many intelligent manufacturing enterprises.


Application Requirements


In the application of the automatic welding machines, due to the characteristics of high coupling, multi-parameters, and temporal variability, it is not easy to overcome the problem of missing welding in the automatic welding process. Therefore, in supporting application equipment, the stability of each component/equipment performance is the main core requirement of the entire system. At the same time, the system controller/equipment also needs to have more expandable functions such as fault diagnosis and man-machine dialogue.


Application Cases


As the core controller of the automatic welding machine system, the industrial touch display panel PC is mainly used for linkage control of various components, and setting, adjustment, and display of main welding parameters. It is indispensable intelligent hardware equipment in supporting applications.


Taking one of the application cases of the automatic welding machine as an example, which from Touch Think customer's case. In this case, the Touch Think 12-inch 2nd-GEN industrial touch screen panel PC is applied to this case. The installation method is embedded mount, and the thickness of the front panel is only 3mm, excellent for fitting to the control box equipment of the automatic welding machine, highly seamless.


For the application to the automatic welding machine, the operating environments are normal conditions. The capacitive touch mode and ten-point touch technology are used to make the sensitive touch operation easier and the intelligent experience is higher. At the same time, the LCD suppliers are BOE, Sharp, LG, and other well-known brands, with highly guaranteed quality.


In terms of stability requirements, the panel PC adopts an X86 system, a built-in windows7 operating system, and the main board adopts the company's self-developed industrial-grade J1900. The operating memory and storage hard disk are 2G + 32G respectively, and the peak frequency is 2.0GHz. Intel Bay trail SOC chipset integrates HD graphic display core, which has high stability and power consumption, thus it can support the continuous operation of automatic welding machine equipment for 7 * 24hours.


For the automatic welding machine fault diagnosis, man-machine dialogue, and other control functions, Touch Think industrial panel PC supports the watchdog automatic reset function, the operation fault can be restarted, and can be connected with the warning light for early diagnosis, which can effectively prevent the loss of production benefits caused by sudden faults. At the same time, the panel PC supports to install cameras and microphones, support the remote man-machine dialogue function, and effectively realize the equipment linkage management and operator cooperation.


Application Benefit


For industrial all-in-one panel PC applies to the automatic welding machine, the stability of the mainboard guarantees the stability of the system, the thin front bezel for embedded installation greatly improve the appearance of welding parts, and the internal industrial components of the whole panel PC guarantee the internal quality of the system, effectively help users ensure the stability of quality and reduce labor intensity, improve the labor environment and reduce the manual welding skills requirements and production cost and improve production efficiency.


Application Expansion


The automatic welding machine has been widely used in plastics, automobile manufacturing, metal processing, hardware and electrical appliances, steel structure, pressure vessel, mechanical processing and manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace, and other fields. So its supporting equipment, such as resistance welding machine, automatic vertical/horizontal resistance welding machine, water cooling machine is necessary, and the industrial panel PC, as one of the most important touch control and display equipment, is also indispensable.


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