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Android Panel PC Equipped In MES Terminals Improve Management Efficiency For Smart Factory

Aug. 03, 2021

Android Panel PC Equipped In MES Terminals Improve Management Efficiency For Smart Factory


In the background of Industry 4.0, the Digital factory, intelligent manufacturing, and production line upgrading have become the main trend of the manufacturing industry. New technologies enable manufacturing production, improve production efficiency, improve manufacturing quality, and helps enterprises obtain more competitiveness in the market.


In this market background, Touch Think launched two industrial panel PCs, specially designed for the production line MES terminals, the 10.1 inch MES all-in-one PC, and 11.6 inch MES all-in-one PC.


According to different application scenarios and needs, as the exclusive equipment for the MES manufacturing management system, these two products are going to help manufacturing factories upgrade.


MES system is a product information management system for the workshop executive layer of manufacturing enterprises. MES provides enterprises with management modules including manufacturing data management, planning, and scheduling management, production scheduling management, inventory management, quality management, human resource management, work center, equipment management, tool and tooling management, procurement management, cost management, project Kanban management, production process control, bottom-level data integration and analysis, and upper-level data integration and decomposition, etc. Create a solid, reliable, comprehensive, and feasible manufacturing collaborative management platform for enterprises.


The manufacturing execution management system (MES) is the link of enterprise' CIMS information integration. It is the basic means to implement enterprise intelligent manufacturing strategy and realize digital workshops.


10.1-inch Android Based all-in-one PC For MES Terminals


The 10.1-inch Android workstation all-in-one PC is exclusive equipment for production line management. It is made of aluminum alloy, and with flat panel design, IP65 dustproof and waterproof support NFC card reading and identification and supports upgrades the IC card identification, QR code, scanning gun, and HDMI input module to meet the needs of identification and expansion. It is equipped with an MES to realize task browsing and equipment management, defect registration, abnormal alarm, and other functions.


Meet the needs of different types of production lines, and support embedded installation, desktop installation, wall-mounted installation, and ceiling installation.


11.6-inch Android all-in-one PC For MES Terminals


The 11.6-inch Android all-in-one PC also meets the application requirements of the production line. With different sizes, the function is also different. Compared with 10.1-inch, the 11.6-inch Android all-in-one PC can expand a variety of identification methods, and the expansion space of scalable function modules is reserved under the bezel to support ID card identification, RFID identification, and temperature sensing modules. A variety of identification methods are compatible.


In terms of installation, it supports desktop installation, wall-mounted installation, VESA arm installation, etc.


Product Function


The two products can be equipped with an MES manufacturing management system to meet SOP, task browsing, equipment management, defect registration, and abnormal running alarm.


Interface Expansion


These two products adopt RK3288 board architecture and support upgrades to RK3399. Equipped with 1 * DC2.1 / industrial terminal, HDMI supports 1080P, 1 * USB-OTG, 2 * USB-HOST, 1 * RJ45 Ethernet, 10M / 100M / 1000M adaptive Ethernet, and the TF card storage supports 64G, 3.5mm standard interface, SIM card, RS232, GPIO, etc.


Application Scenario


Touch Think all-in-one PC For MES Terminals are suitable for textile factory, production machine, production line workstation, automatic equipment, injection molding machine, etc.




Android MES all-in-one PCs provide users with a fast response, flexible and refined manufacturing environment, help enterprises reduce costs, deliver goods on time, and improve product quality. It is suitable for both small-scale and large-scale production lines, like semiconductor and communication enterprises, providing good information management for enterprises.


Due to the change of market environment and the continuous renewal of modern production management concepts, the key to the sound operation of a manufacturing enterprise is to closely cooperate the "plan" with the "production". According to the MES terminals, the operators in workshops can master the changes of the production site in the shortest time, and make an accurate judgment and rapid response measures, thus ensure that the production plan is reasonably and quickly revised.


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