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Android Industrial Tablet PC will be the best choice for equipment, instrumentation and industrial control

Sep. 30, 2019

Most of the industrial tablet computers support the Windows operating system on the market. With the development of intelligent devices, intelligent industrial computers are more and more popular among users. Different from the ordinary IPC, the intelligent IPC supports Android operating system. In contrast, the advantages of IPC based on Android system are obvious. Intelligent IPC supports abundant Android market application and independent development and application. It can realize application installation, background monitoring, APP watchdog and full screen self starting function, which enriches product application and interactive experience. Due to the strong openness of the platform, allowing more terminal manufacturers to access, and the reduction of intermediate links, the industrial computer based on Android system has greatly improved in terms of power consumption, heat dissipation and operation.

With the development of "Industry 4.0" and "made in China 2025", industrial control equipment, as the core equipment of intelligent manufacturing, has undergone some new changes, and these changes play a decisive role in the era of intelligent manufacturing. The fourth industrial revolution led by intelligent manufacturing is an intelligent system integrating a large number of computer, communication and control technologies. Under the background of highly integrated new technologies, industrial computer is at a new technological turning point. The new generation of intelligent industrial computer is characterized by more open system architecture, higher integration, functional modularization, machine intelligence and so on. It will provide important support for the construction of intelligent system under the "Industrial 4.0".

A real intelligent industrial mini PC should conform to the following points: the general industrial computer based on Android open system supports Windows operating system, while the Touch Think intelligent industrial tablet computer is Android 4.4.2 or above version, which supports rich Android market applications and independent development applications. In contrast, the advantages of industrial tablet computers based on Android system are obvious. Because of the strong openness of Android platform itself, more terminal vendors are allowed to access it. At the same time, the reduction of intermediate links makes the power consumption, heat dissipation and operation of industrial computer based on Android system greatly improved. Embedded design and highly integrated embedded industrial computer products have good functional adaptability, high scalability, and rich interfaces for external expansion. There are high reliability requirements in heat dissipation design, electromagnetic compatibility design, dust-proof and waterproof design, anti-vibration design and so on. Under the premise of embedded design, it is necessary to integrate as highly as possible in order to better apply to all walks of life.

With the increasing number of users of the Android system, the Android industrial tablet PC is also competing with Windows. Then what advantages does the Android industrial tablet PC attract so many people?

Android industrial tablet computer system open source: Android is open source, allowing modifications, which to a large extent allows Android industrial tablet computer manufacturers to change versions according to their own hardware, so that they can better adapt to the hardware and form a good combination with it.

The hardware richness of Android industrial tablet computer is related to the openness of Android platform. Due to the openness of Android, many manufacturers of industrial tablet computer can launch a variety of strange and functional Android industrial tablet computer products.

The development convenience of Android industrial tablet all in one PC: Android platform provides a very broad and free environment for third-party developers, and will not be hindered by various rules and regulations. It can be imagined how many novel and unique software will be applied to Android industrial tablet PCs.

These advantages of Android system and Android system will use a single chip will make our industrial control more perfect, so the Android industrial tablet PC in one machine will be greatly improved in power consumption, heat, operation and so on.

Android industrial tablet PC is widely used in our life. Android operating system supports double keyboard input and installation of tens of thousands of applications.

Industrial tablet all in one PC as a special computer for industrial use, its performance, compatibility is better than commercial computer. Compared with ordinary industrial mini PC, industrial tablet PC is more intelligent. And it has a more promising future.

Where are the advantages of Android tablet PCs?

1. Most of the front panels of Android industrial tablet computers are made of Al-Mg alloy by die casting. The front panels reach the NEMA IP65 protection level. Durable and lightweight.

2. For structure of Android all in one tablet PC, the host computer, LCD and touch screen are integrated, and the stability is excellent.

3. Adopting the current popular touch function, which can make the operation simple, more convenient, faster and more humane.

4. Android industrial tablet PC is small in size and easy to install and maintain.

5. Most Android industrial tablet PCs are designed without fans. They use large area fin-shaped aluminium blocks for heat dissipation, with less power consumption and no noise.

6. Beautiful appearance, widely used in various of applications.

From above introduction, we can see that the industrial all in one tablet PC is more convenient and faster than the ordinary industrial computer. It has to be admitted that this is an era of information, digitalization and intellectualization. Everyone is trying to accomplish more things with faster efficiency. This is how the all-in-one industrial tablet PC came into being.

The development of industrial tablet PC also shows the progress of science and technology. The future market of it will continue to develop with the development of the times. Convenience, high-speed and efficiency are exactly what people pursue and will continue to pursue.





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