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How To Avoid The Failure Of Industrial Tablet Touch Screen?

Nov. 14, 2019

It should be understood that the touch screen is a kind of screen applied in the industry, which is commonly used in industrial displays. Its performance configuration is more stable than that of commercial computers, and it can adapt to more environments. As a convenient operation medium, What should I do if the touch screen fails? How to avoid the occurrence of touch screen failure? The following Industrial Display suppliers give you a simple analysis, I hope to have some help for everyone.

Firstly, the resistance screen

The resistance screen is used to determine the touch position by pressure sensing, so it cannot be pressed on the industrial tablet by other items, and the smart industrial display case should also be careful not to press the touch area.

Secondly, the capacitive screen

1. Multiple touch drivers cannot be installed, which may cause conflicts in the operation of the industrial tablet system, so that the touch screen cannot be used normally.

2. In the process of use, if the industrial tablet with capacitive screen changes the resolution or display mode, the touch screen system must be recalibrated.

3, Capacitive Touch Panel PC, each time you want to run the screen calibration program, the system automatically stores the calibrated data in the controller, you do not need to calibrate the screen after restarting the system.

Thirdly, infrared screen and surface acoustic wave screen

Touch screens such as infrared screens and surface acoustic wave screens require a clean working environment. The screen of the industrial tablet computer needs to be cleaned regularly, otherwise the dust will affect the correct positioning of the touch screen.

Fourthly, other issues

1, the direction of the touch movement is opposite to the direction in which the cursor moves

If the user operates the touch screen, the direction of the touch movement is to the left, and the cursor of the industrial tablet moves to the right. This may be because the connector connected to the touch screen is connected to the touch screen or the left and right positions of the touch screen are reversed. Change it.

2. The position touched by the finger does not coincide with the mouse arrow.

Because the industrial tablet does not vertically touch the center of the bull's-eye when the position is corrected after the driver is installed, re-correct the position.

When performing secondary calibration after installing the driver, pay attention to the details of the system error. "No control card found", "The touch screen is not connected", etc., check the corresponding parts according to the prompts.

3. No response when touch

The main performance is that the mouse arrow has no movement when the screen is touched, and no position change occurs. The main solutions are:

a: Observe the touch screen signal indicator. The lamp flashes regularly under normal conditions. It flashes once every second. When the screen is touched, the signal light is always on. After the touch is stopped, the signal light flashes.

b: If the signal light is still in the steady state when there is no touch, first check whether the touch screen needs cleaning; secondly, check whether the serial port number connected to the hardware matches the serial port number set by the software, and whether the serial port of the computer host is working normally.

c: Run the COMDUMP command in the driver disk. This command is a DOS command. Add a space and serial port code 1 or 2 after COMDUMP, and touch the screen to see if data is rolled out. If the data is rolled out, the hardware connection is normal. Please check if the software settings are correct and conflict with other hardware devices. If no data rolls out, the hardware fails, and the specific fault point is to be determined.

d Run the SAWDUMP command in the driver disk. This command is a command under DOS. When the program is run, the program will ask for the type of the control card, the port number of the connection, and the transmission rate. Then the program will read the relevant data from the control card.

The above is about the method of avoiding the failure of the Industrial Panel PC touch screen, I hope to help everyone.

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