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Industrial Android Tablet PC Application

Nov. 12, 2019

When it comes to industrial automation, we are familiar with this conception. The manufacturing industry has long been in-depth use of robotic operations to replace the time-consuming and labor costs brought by manual operations. The demand for Android industrial tablet PCs is growing up at present. As an industrial computer manufacturer, it is undergoing a major change to cope with the rapid development of the industry. The products recommended by industrial tablet PC manufacturers can be directly sold whether to be the leader of the industry in the torrent of development ? Here are three applications of Android industrial tablet.

Industrial Android Tablet PC Application

Industrial Automation

Of course, the robot is just a small product of industrial automation, and there are many more industrial automation applications. The core components of industrial automation can be used in industrial tablet PCs or industrial box PC, (it is a industrial host without screen). First, software manufacturers develop program software according to the requirements of manufacturers. Program software runs in Android industrial tablet PCs to control the operation of the whole machine. Most control command signals are transmitted by serial port.

Industrial Android Tablet PC Application

Industrial Vision

Industrial vision is also widely used in factories. Industrial cameras replace human eyes to detect whether the products sent by conveyor belt have quality problems, which not only saves labor costs but also avoids the detection error caused by artificial fatigue. Industrial vision generally adopts the network interface to connect the camera, in most situations, users use network interfaces designated to Intel chips, and only few need to connect one industrial camera. Sometimes, one industrial tablet needs to connect to several industrial cameras. Therefore, the needs of end users bring difficulties to industrial mini PCs manufacturers, and only through the breakthroughs in technology and the continuous upgrading of industrial control product configuration can the industrial control products manufacturers get fast-growing in this industry.

Industrial Android Tablet PC Application

3D Printing

3D printing is also a new industry emerging in recent years. After continuous technological upgrading, it has been able to print from teeth and gold jewelry to building bridges. In the 3D printing industry, the industrial tablet PC mainly uses USB to transmit command signals to control the operation of the whole 3D printer. The price of the whole 3D printer is high, but the size of the body is not large.


The rapid development of the industrial tablet PC industry with reliable performance has been applied to many fields. What listed above is only three of it, we believe that the future industrial tablet PCs will used in more and more application in future.


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