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What Are The Characteristics Of Industrial Touch Displays?

Jul. 21, 2020

Industrial Touch Monitor is the display used in the industrial control process or equipment. This kind of professional flat panel display screen used in the industry has a better display effect and unparalleled performance. In long-term use, industrial touch display can still satisfy Long-term use under different ranges of use has been recognized by consumers, and the characteristics of industrial touch displays attract consumers' attention. The following editor will analyze the characteristics of Industrial Touch Screen Monitor for everyone.

1. Better mechanical properties

Like many technologies, in the global Flat Screen Monitor, there are also design changes, and the changes are due to the need to adapt to technological progress or the emergence of better designs. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a certain level of continuity when designing industrial and medical equipment, which includes the same mounting holes, connector positions, and even some of the same display size. When the industrial touch display changes within five years, the end product can have a longer life cycle. Before choosing a monitor, it helps to consider some standard specifications, as well as the company's design strategy. In contrast, consumer displays can change every few months, which makes it difficult to use in applications that require configuration control.

19 Inch Industrial Monitors With 3 Year Warranty For Industrial Control

19 Inch Industrial Monitors With 3 Year Warranty For Industrial Control

2. Longer service life

For consumers in the industrial market, whether they are used in telephone booths or display terminals on oil rigs, it is very rare to find industrial touch displays that are guaranteed. Manufacturers can provide industrial touch displays with a longer life cycle. In sharp contrast, consumer-grade displays used in desktop monitors, notebook computers, or other consumer devices will change within a year. These displays are mainly based on price or appearance to attract consumers with greater changes. At the same time, service life also has certain limitations.

3. Stronger configuration control compatibility

Configuration control means that the industrial touch display maintains compatibility in terms of appearance/applicability/function within a certain period of time. This basically allows the well-known industrial touch display manufacturer to flexibly change sub-components to keep up with the needs of technology or market, and also allows users to transition to newer display products with minimal design changes, so industrial touch displays are more compatible.

The above are the major characteristics of industrial touch displays. However, there is almost no need for configuration control in consumer displays. Most consumer displays are basically sold for a short period of time, and changes will not be notified in advance. The cost-effective industrial touch the display brings more help to my country's industrial development by virtue of its more excellent and durable characteristics, and the industrial touch display will inevitably conquer a larger market with these characteristics in the future.

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