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Common Sense Of Buying Industrial Tablets

Nov. 02, 2019

With the advancement of science and technology, more and more manufacturers use artificial intelligence instead of human operation. At the artificial intelligence work site, all kinds of equipment work neatly and orderly, and loading, unloading, handling, inspection, storage, etc. can be automated, and each process is not only tacit, but also accurate and efficient.

In order to realize artificial intelligence, firstly, three-in-one integration should be realized in the industrial site, that is, the linkage between the work vehicle, the machine tool and the production line should be realized; then the machine tool can complete the processing of the product according to the system allocation instruction, and the processing flow will be recorded by the system; To accurately deliver the production instructions, high frequency errors cannot occur. The Industrial Panel PC is the core component of the three-wire. The most basic function of the industrial tablet computer is to have the signal receiving function and the multi-interface function. The signal receiving can make the signal exchange between the machines separated by a certain distance; the multiple interfaces can be multiple The components are integrated into an industrial tablet to facilitate operator control and management of multiple devices.

In the entire solution, the industrial tablet PC is in a core position, which provides the possibility for the entire artificial intelligence system, provides an operating platform for the plant's artificial intelligence field, greatly reducing the cumbersome operation. The integration of industrial tablet PCs and equipment will promote the rapid development of artificial intelligence on the industrial site and accelerate the marketization of artificial intelligence.

So how do you choose an industrial tablet in the face of application needs in different industries? Embedded Computer Manufacturer will come to tell you.

1, stable performance

In industrial sites, industrial tablet PCs require long-term trouble-free operation, requiring industrial tablet PCs to be stable and reliable, regardless of time or location. In addition, industrial tablet PCs are typically flush mounted, requiring industrial tablet PCs to be rugged and durable, ensuring minimal and simplified troubleshooting and repair time.

2, size

Common sizes of industrial tablet PCs are: 7-inch, 8-inch, 10.1-inch, 10.4-inch, 11.6-inch, 12-inch, 15-inch, 15.6-inch, 17-inch, 17.3-inch, 19-inch, 19.1-inch, 21.5-inch, which are purchased according to customers' specific application requirements.

Industrial Tablets

Touch Screen Tablet PC

3, touch screen

To purchase an industrial tablet, you need to consider the environment to choose a Touch Screen Tablet PC. The resistance screen has low requirements on the working environment, and is not afraid of dust, moisture and oil. It can be touched by any object, and has no requirement for temperature and humidity. It is suitable for industrial control. The capacitive screen can perform multi-touch. The disadvantage is that when the ambient temperature, humidity, electric field, etc. change, the capacitive screen may drift, resulting in inaccuracy, which requires frequent calibration and positioning. Therefore, the capacitive screen industrial tablet is not easy to use in places with interference.

4, the interface

In practical applications, industrial tablet computers need to be connected to a variety of devices, requiring industrial tablet I / O interface is rich, such as multiple COM ports, multiple USB ports. At the same time, industrial tablet PCs also need to have extended functions. When meeting different applications, they can provide various options for mSATA and mini PCIe standard expansion cards, such as support for WIFI, 4G, and Bluetooth functions.

5, customized service

With the ever-changing and growing user demand, the demand for industrial tablet PCs is also increasing. It is required that industrial tablet PC manufacturers must have considerable R&D, production, testing, marketing and system integration capabilities to provide customized services for users.

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