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The Combination Of Industrial Tablet PC And Machine Vision Promotes The Development Of Industry 4.0

Nov. 04, 2019

It's reported that Baidu's AI car will begin mass production. Industrial Vision has risen to an unprecedented level. And what is closely combined with industrial vision is the industrial tablet products, which are develop with high speed. We believe that the industrial 4.0 is coming soon.


Before explaining the combination of industrial tablet PC and machine vision, let's first understand the working principle of machine vision:


The vision detection system uses CCD camera to convert the detected object into image signal, which is transmitted to the special image processing system. According to the pixel distribution, brightness, color and other information, it is transformed into digital signal. The image processing system performs various operations on these signals to extract the characteristics of the object, such as area, quantity, position, length, and then according to the preset permissibility and other condition output results, including size, angle, number, qualified / unqualified, yes / no, etc., realize automatic identification function.


The characteristic of machine vision system is to improve the flexibility and automation of production. In some hazard working environment which is not suitable for manual work or the situation where artificial vision is difficult to meet the requirements, machine vision is often used to replace artificial vision; at the same time, in the process of large-scale industrial production, the quality efficiency and accuracy of products inspected by artificial vision are low, and machine vision detection method can greatly improve production efficiency and production automation. Moreover, machine vision is easy to realize information integration, which is the basic technology to realize computer integrated manufacturing.


As the brain of machine vision, the computer, with the function of operation and storage to execute commands, it must be very strict in the requirements of stable performance. If the computer operation is unstable and prone to production accidents, the computer required in machine vision is generally industrial grade computer. It coincides with the fact that the industrial tablet PC can not only operate, but also be combined with the function of display and touch, with stable and reliable performance and convenient operation, which is popular in customers. We believe that in the future, more and more machine vision products will adopt industrial tablet PC, which will promote the rapid development of industry 4.0.


The application of machine vision mainly includes detection and robot vision


1. Inspection: it can also be divided into high-precision quantitative inspection (such as cell classification of micrograph, measurement of size and position of mechanical parts) and qualitative or semi quantitative inspection without measuring device (such as product appearance inspection, parts identification and positioning on assembly line, defect inspection and assembly completeness inspection).


2. Robot vision: it is used to guide the robot's operation and action in a wide range, such as picking up the part piece from the disordered part piece pile sent by the hopper and placing it on the conveyor belt or other equipment in a certain direction (i.e. hopper picking issues). As for small-scale operation and action, it also needs to rely on tactile sensing technology.


In addition, it have the following applications:

1. Automatic optical inspection

2. Face recognition

3. Driverless car

4. Product quality level classification

5. Automatic inspection of printing quality

6. Character recognition

7. Texture recognition

8. Tracking and positioning


Touch Think is a manufacturer specializing in R & D, design, production and sales of industrial tablet PCs, which are widely used in industrial automation, industrial Internet of Things, and Industrial 4.0 projects. If you need industrial tablet, please feel free to contact us.


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