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Comparison Of Capacitive Touch Screen And Resistive Touch Screen

Dec. 11, 2019

Now, there are many electronic products around us, mainly because these electronic products can facilitate our lives, so there are many touch screens around us. For this wide range of electronic products, before we use them, we must first understand their specific performance and grasp multiple points of information, so that we will not have any problems in the process of use. According to Flat Panel Display Factory, the advantages of capacitive touch screens over traditional resistive touch screens are mainly the following:

1. Novel operation: Capacitive touch screen generally supports multi-touch, and the operation will become more intuitive and more interesting.

2. Not easy to touch accidentally: Because the capacitive touch screen needs to sense the current of the human body, only the human body can operate it, and it will not respond when touched with other objects, so it is basically avoided. possibility.

3. High durability: Compared with resistive touch screen, Capacitive Touch Panel PC has better performance in all aspects such as waterproof, dustproof and wear-resistant.

As a mainstream touch screen function, although the capacitive touch screen already has various advantages such as multi-touch, rich interface, and only human body sensing, at the same time, it will also have the following defects:

1. The accuracy is not high: Because of its function, the accuracy of the capacitive touch screen is still short compared to the Resistive Touch PC. And it can only use fingers to input, and it is still difficult to realize more complicated handwriting input on small screens.

2. Easily affected by the environment: When environmental factors such as temperature and humidity occur, changes may also cause instability and even drift of the capacitive touch screen. For example, when the user is close to the screen together with the user, it may cause drift, and even when operating in a crowded person, it may cause drift. This is mainly due to the working principle of the capacitive touch screen technology. Although the user's fingers are closer to the screen, there will still be many electric field effects near the screen that are much larger than the fingers, which will affect the judgment of the contact position.

3. High cost: Beyond that, the capacitive touch screen had certain technical difficulties during the process of attaching the touchpad to the LCD panel of a touch screen.

The above is a brief introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of capacitive touch screens. If you want to know more about industrial display screens and industrial touch screens, you can contact us Touch Think.

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