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How Long Is The Lifespan Of Industrial Tablet PC?

Dec. 13, 2019

As we all know, most of Industrial Tablet PC are used in harsh industrial environments, then how long is the lifespan of industrial tablet PCs? and how to ensure the service life of industrial tablet PCs?


Firstly, let's learn about the structure of industrial tablet PCs. It is no different from ordinary consumer computers in terms of hardware name, both are composed of main board, CPU, hard disk, memory, video card, display screen,. etc, while components of industrial tablet PCs are up to industrial grade in quality. And for applications, industrial tablet PCs are generally used in relatively harsh industrial environment, and the quality requirements

of industrial tablet PCs are more strict than consumer computers.


In particular, industrial grade motherboard is often used for industrial PCs. The fanless heat dissipation system and durable aluminum alloy case are integrated. More details for the specific structure of industrial tablet PCs, please click here.


There are two kinds of touch screens which are generally used in industrial tablet PCs, the multi-point capacitive touch screen and the single-point resistive touch screen. These two touch screens are just like the printing consumables. They will be some worn after a long time.


During the use of touch screen, resistance touch realizes the operation and control of the screen content through the principle of pressure sensing. The conductive layer and glass layer sensor on the surface of multi grease are separated by many tiny compartments, and the current flows through the surface layer, and the controller reads from four corners at the same time Calculate the corresponding current and the distance between fingers. It can form accurate touch positioning.


The working principle of capacitive touch screen is to stick a layer of transparent special metal conductive material on the surface of glass. When the finger touches the metal layer, the capacitance of the contact will change, so that the frequency of the oscillator connected to it will change. By measuring the frequency change, the touch position can be determined to obtain information. Because the capacitance changes with the temperature, humidity or grounding conditions, its stability is poor, and it often produces drift phenomenon.


The service life of industrial tablet PC is determined by many factors. In order to ensure a long service life of products, in addition to standardized operation, regular cleaning and maintenance of equipment, including the maintenance of spare parts. For more questions about the use of industrial tablet PCs, please contact us.


How to maintain the industrial tablet PC?

1. Wipe dust every day

It is suggested to clean industrial tablet PCs every day, because there are so many dust in the factory environment and outdoor environment. Sometimes, the dust in a day is much more than that in the indoor environment for a month, so the dust should be wiped every day.


2. Try to use dry cloth to wipe

If the industrial tablet PC is not designed with pure waterproof performance, it is prohibit to use wet cloth to clean. Water is likely to penetrate into inner of PC, which will cause corrosion and short circuit, and resulting to irreversible damage to the industrial tablet PCs.


3. Use glass cleaner to clean oil stains

If dry cloth can not clean successfully, glass cleaner can be used to clean, pay attention do not produce obvious water drops, do not let the cleaner penetrate into the inner of PC, just need to clean the surface of industrial tablet computer.

4. Correct operation for turn on / off


Forced power-off will cause the hard disk in operation to lose power suddenly, especially the hard disk in the process of reading and writing. Multiple forced power-off will cause great damage to the hard disk of industrial tablet PC, and it is irreversible.


In order to prolong the service life of the industrial tablet and reduce the average cost of the enterprise, Touch Think has designed and developed a serials of industrial tablet PC with IP65 dust-proof and waterproof for front panel, all-in-one fully seamless die-casing design, and provide customization service for full dust-proof and waterproof.


5. Ensure correct and standard operation

Industrial tablet is a kind of equipment with high frequent operation in many industry, so no matter what kind of operation and functional requirements are, the operation standardization should be guaranteed, which is the basic requirement for brand industrial tablet to keep stable and normal operation for a long time.


For example, there is a prescribed order for turning on and off computers. Industrial tablet PCs can't be turned upside down, or they will burn the machine, and they can't be unplugged the plugged forcibly, which will also cause  damage to the machine. And if you find that you need to use a computer after it has been shut down, the industrial tablet PC manufacturer reminds you to wait five seconds before you start the machine to avoid frequent operation so as to give it a little reaction time.

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