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What Are Advantages And Differences Between Industrial Tablets And Industrial Mini PC?

Aug. 12, 2019

Some customers do not know the difference between industrial tablet PCs and industrial mini PCs. There are many differences between them. Industrial tablet PCs are computers that integrates display and mainframe, while industrial mini PCs are mainly used as a host, and their  functions also are different.


Industrial tablet PC is a computer integrated with display and touch in industrial control. Compared with ordinary equipment, stability, reliability, compatibility and expansibility have been greatly improved. Industrial mini PC can be called industrial control mainframe or industrial mini computer. Simply speaking, industrial mini PC is a case mainframe. Usually it is composed of passive backplane, industrial CPU card, expansion card and power supply. When necessary, it will add CD-ROM, floppy drive and other expansion equipment. However, it has the disadvantages of large volume and high energy consumption. Due to the diversification of demand, industrial mini computer began to be replaced by various industrial tablet PCs and PLC.


Generally speaking, the industrial tablet computer is also a kind of industrial computer. It can be said that the industrial tablet computer is composed of industrial computer, but on the display, it adds a display and touch screen. Therefore, the industrial tablet computer also has the basic characteristics of industrial computer. Compared with ordinary industrial computer, it also has the following advantages:


1. Industrial tablet PCs are small in size, all-in-one in design, easy to install and maintain.


2. Aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting is mostly used in front panel of industrial tablet PC, and the front panel reaches NEMA IP65 protection level. Strong, durable, light weight. Beautiful appearance, can be embedded into different application machines.


3. Suitable for a variety of architectures, supporting Windows/Linux/Android and other operating systems


4. Industrial tablet PC support VESA, desktop mounting, wall-mounted type and other installation methods


5. Industrial tablet PCs adopt fan-free active heat dissipation design, with low  power consumption and low noise.


6. Industrial tablets are heat-resistant and low-temperature-resistant. They can normally operate at - 20 to 70 degrees Celsius. They are suitable for dust-proof and vibration-resistant environments. Industrial mini PCs and industrial tablets of the corresponding standards can be applied to the corresponding application scenarios.

7. With reliable input power adapter, overvoltage and current protection can be added.


Overall, industrial tablet PCs include the functional characteristics of industrial mini PCs, wide adaptability, stable performance, more portable appearance, space saving, and a variety of installation methods, relatively speaking, industrial tablet PCs have more advantages than industrial mini PCs.

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