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How Is the Industrial Tablet PC Applied In the Monitoring System of Sluice Pumping Station?

Jun. 12, 2024

Sluice pumping station is to control the water regime of gate entrance, to detect the basic condition of equipment operation, to collect data in real time, to avoid the occurrence of dangers and to prevent them in advance. Then what role does industrial tablet PC play in this system?

 Industrial Tablet PC

Industrial Tablet PC

Data Interaction

It is necessary for industrial tablet PCs to have a variety of application ports to satisfy the communication and connection between the main system and the sub-system, and to complete the collection and interaction of data. Due to the constraints of the project budget, in the selection of industrial tablet products, besides satisfying the technical requirements of the equipment, the cost of the equipment should also be considered.


Improving Safety

The industrial tablet computer used in the monitoring system of sluice pumping station adopts chipsets produced by INTEL and ultra-low power fan-free processors. It has high stability, good compatibility, good heat dissipation, and keep running smoothly in high temperature environment.


Guarantee the uninterrupted operation

Aluminum alloy is used as raw material for industrial tablet PC. It has super-high protection level. With good protection effect while showing excellent performance and guarantees uninterrupted operation in harsh industrial sites.


All above are some brief introduction of industrial tablet PC applied in sluice pumping station environments. If you have any other problems about the industrial tablet PC, please contact us. We will provide good solutions for your applications.

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