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The Effect of Wide Temperature On Different Touch Screens

Jul. 20, 2021

Industrial Touch Displays have extremely high performance requirements due to their application in harsh environments such as high and low temperatures, dusty, watery, and oily environments in the industrial sector. Especially in the high and low temperature environment, the industrial display products is a great challenge. Then, the high wide temperature performance of industrial displays is very necessary.

Next, follow the industrial display suppliers to explore the impact of wide temperature on different touch screens:.

1) Capacitive screen

Capacitive touch screen works by using a touch sensor to sense voltage on the conductor on the screen, which generates a relative current to measure the touch point by distance. In the case of low temperatures, the skin surface of the hand has a low water content and poor conductivity of dry, cold skin. At the same time, when the ambient temperature is low, the performance of the sensor will also be affected, the industrial touch display can not be well recognized touch location, resulting in touch screen failure. Touch screen operating temperature is usually between -5 ℃ to +60 ℃, especially in winter, the northern regions are more affected.

Industrial Touch Displays

Industrial Touch Displays

2) Resistive touch screen

Resistive Touch Screen is less affected. On the one hand, due to the different processes used, the microcircuitry on the touch screen is connected to work and is less affected by temperature. On the other hand, the level of technology of resistive screens is relatively mature, the materials used are able to withstand the test and continue to use. Resistive screen temperature requirements between -20 ℃ to 65 ℃, can meet most of the use of the environment.

3)Infrared touch screen

Infrared touch screen accuracy is completely free from current, voltage and static interference, suitable for a variety of environmental conditions with light pollution. However, infrared touch screen because of its single sensor, easy to damage and aging, touch interface can not withstand pollution, destructive and complex maintenance, so there are certain limitations. When the temperature is extremely low, the static electricity generated during the use of industrial displays tends to attract dust, which affects the use. Suitable for use in the aerospace field.

4) Surface acoustic wave screen

Surface acoustic wave touch screen has a very high clarity, light transmission rate can reach 92%, scratch resistance, wear resistance is also the best performance, responsive, accuracy is completely independent of environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. In contrast, the cost of construction and maintenance is also very high. Surface acoustic wave screen requires frequent maintenance. If the surface of the touch screen is contaminated with dust, oil or even liquid, the wave guide grooves on the surface of the touch screen will be blocked, resulting in sound waves not being emitted properly, or causing changes in the waveform that the controller cannot correctly identify. Therefore, strict attention must be paid to environmental hygiene, often wipe the surface of the touch screen to keep it smooth and clean, and regularly conduct a comprehensive and thorough erase. If the surface of the acoustic wave screen has condensation or oil in winter, it will be quite troublesome to clean.

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