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How To Repair The Motherboard Of The Embedded Industrial Tablet?

Nov. 20, 2019

Usually, the steps for repairing the embedded industrial tablet motherboard are to check, debug, and disassemble. How to use the method of checking board, troubleshooting, and disassembling to solve the problem of the embedded industrial tablet motherboard? The Embedded Panel PC Supplier below will come to share some knowledge.

First, the failure of the common embedded industrial tablet motherboard

1, CMOS battery failure, just replace the new battery.

2, CMOS found all errors when performing all checks, to load the system defaults. First replace the battery, if the problem is still not resolved, the CMOS RAM may have problems, you need to return to the industrial tablet manufacturer to repair or replace the new motherboard.

3, Press ESC to skip memory test, that is, memory check is in progress, you can skip by pressing the ESC key. This is because the second, third, and fourth tests of skipping memory are not set in CMOS, and the embedded industrial tablet is powered on to perform four memory tests.

4, Keyboard error or no keyboard present, that is, the disk is wrong or the keyboard is not connected. Check if the keyboard connection of the embedded industrial tablet is loose or damaged.

5, Hard disk install failure, that is, the hard disk installation failed. This is because the power cable or data cable of the embedded Industrial Panel PC hard disk may not be connected or the hard disk jumper is not properly set. Check if the connections of the hard disk are plugged in, and see if the jumper settings of the two hard disks on the same data line are the same. If they are the same, just set the jumpers of the two hard disks to be different. Set to Master and the other to Slave).

How To Repair The Motherboard Of The Embedded Industrial Tablet?

Embedded Panel PC

Second, check the board, troubleshooting, disassembly steps

(1) Check board

1. Observation method: Whether there is burnt, burnt, foaming, board breakage, socket rust.

2, table measurement method: +5V, GND resistance is too small (below 50 ohms).

3, power-on inspection: For the bad motherboard, you can slightly adjust the high voltage 0.5-1V, after the boot, the IC on the hand slap, let the problematic chip heat, and thus perceive it.

4. Logic pen check: Check whether the signal is strong or weak at each end of the IC input, output, and control poles.

5, identify each work area: the main board generally has a clear division of labor in the area, such as: control area, clock area, background picture area, action area, sound generation synthesis area.

(2) Troubleshooting

1. The chip that is suspected, according to the instructions of the manual, first check whether there is a signal at the input and output terminals. If there is any input or not, check the control signal of the IC, etc. If there is any possibility that the IC is bad. There is no control signal, trace it to its previous pole until it finds a damaged IC.

2. For the time being, do not remove the IC with the same model or the same program content from the pole. Observe whether the embedded industrial tablet is turned on after booting to confirm whether the IC is damaged.

3. Use the tangential line and the jumper method to find the short-circuit line: find some signal lines and ground lines, +5V or other multiple ICs should not be connected to the short circuit, you can cut the line and measure, determine whether it is an IC problem or a board If there is a problem with the wiring, or if the signal is borrowed from other ICs and soldered to the IC with the wrong waveform, it is better to judge whether the IC is good or bad.

(3) Disassembly

1, cut the foot method: do not hurt the motherboard, can not be recycled.

2, drag the tin method: soldering tin on both sides of the IC foot, using the high temperature soldering iron to drag back and forth, at the same time start IC (easy to damage the board, but can protect the test IC).

3, barbecue method: in the alcohol lamp, gas stove, electric stove on the barbecue, and other boards on the tin melted after the IC (not easy to master).

The above is the sharing of Industrial Monitor manufacturers' methods for repairing motherboards for embedded industrial tablets. Have you learned?

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