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How to Choose the Best Medical Display Panel?

May. 25, 2022

Since the emergence of medical terminals has greatly enhanced the efficiency of hospital management, reduced medical errors, reduced the labor intensity of health care workers and improved patient satisfaction, the medical industry has problems such as complex daily workflow, error-prone and untimely information interaction. As the core part of medical terminal, medical display bears the main function and directly affects its normal operation as well as performance, now there are so many displays on the market, how should we choose medical display?


1, diagnostic workstation is recommended to configure 3MP, 5MP display, no mammography and flat DR to choose 3MP as the main.

2, observation, teaching workstation is recommended to configure 2MP, 1MP display.

3, optional medical display has a matching special graphics card with 10bit output gray scale.

How to Choose the Best Medical Display Panel?


Usually, as intelligent devices, applied to the medical field need to meet the national development of common medical standards.

Optional with CCC certification and FDA certification, is the medical sector is recognized medical display, safety certification: CE, UL, CCC certification to be considered a medical display.


1, optional medical display capable of DICOM correction, with special correction software.

2, the back of the display has an optical sensor interface, you can access the optical sensor for correction, otherwise it can not be corrected.

3, optional medical display with brightness constant device to ensure that the brightness of the medical display does not change over time, it can ensure the consistency and integrity of the system display.

4, due to the requirements of teaching and doctors' habits, doctors at home and abroad are accustomed to use a pen to point out on the film or display to express their views on the specific details of the image, LCD materials are breakable materials, in order to adapt to the medical environment, display manufacturers will be responsible for the production of the LCD screen installed on the protection plate.


How to Choose the Best Medical Display Panel?

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Touch Think, as one of the four major application areas, has rich experience and many successful cases in medical applications. These newly launched medical series are independently developed and designed by Touch Think, keeping up with the latest market demand and meeting the high requirements of the medical field on the basis of ensuring stability and safety.

How to Choose the Best Medical Display Panel?

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