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Industrial all-in-one PC Promotes traditional enterprises Forward To Industry 4.0

Oct. 23, 2019

In the traditional manufacturing enterprises, the management of the production workshop is very complex. In the changeable orders, various complex production processes often make mistakes, which usually lead to the production plan can not be completed on time. In order to avoid the occurrence of similar problems, a series of equipment systems that can make the production process transparent, digital have been added in the workshops of traditional production enterprises, laying a solid foundation for traditional production enterprises to move towards industry 4.0.


1. The traditional production line production technology is displayed by board. After improvement, field operators and administrators can directly understand the current production line progress and operation status through the industrial tablet PC terminal at the first time.


2. The production management personnel will adjust the production plan to follow up the achievement rate of the production plan, understand the overall production progress and status, and the time effect will be faster and higher. The change of the production plan can reach each operator through the supporting industrial all-in-one panel PC, and the implementation efficiency will be higher and faster.


Then what are the functional features of Touch Think industrial computer in the process of development of production workshop?


1. Equipped with a variety of sizes ( 7inch ~ 21.5 inch) with high-definition touch screen.

2. The whole machine is designed with modern sense of technology and fashion, beautiful and ultra-thin front bezel.

3. Built in fanless design, stable performance, good heat dissipation.

4. Intel CPU, industrial motherboard, anti shock and vibration.

5. Support 7 * 24h all day operation and plug-and-power.

6. IP65 dust-proof and waterproof for front panel.

7. Large memory SSDs: 2G / 4G + 32g / 64g / 128G

8. Support genuine win 7/8/10, Android operating system.


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