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Common Method Steps For Industrial Display Overhaul

Aug. 22, 2019

Here is a professional Embedded Computer Supplier talking about common method steps for industrial display overhaul.

When there is a problem with the industrial display, the maintenance can solve the problem one by one. The industrial display structure is complicated, and when there is a problem, everyone does not know which way to solve it. Today, Xiaobian arranges the common methods and steps for industrial display maintenance.

Industrial Display

Industrial Display

1.Current measurement method

Measuring current is one of the basic methods of repairing Industrial Display. It is mainly used to measure the load current and operating current of transistors and integrated circuit blocks to detect the integrity of integrated circuits, transistors and their power supplies. As long as the measured load current of the transistor or integrated circuit is normal, it can be concluded that the operating state of the circuit is substantially normal. On the other hand, if the current varies greatly from the normal value, it means that there is a problem with the circuit, and it is possible to prescribe the right medicine and carry out key inspections.

2. Voltage measurement method

Measuring voltage is also one of the basic methods for repairing displays, and is often used in practice. It mainly measures the operating voltage of circuits and components to determine fault locations and components. The measured voltage can be divided into two categories: measuring AC voltage and measuring DC voltage. Measuring the AC voltage is to measure the AC voltage of the display power supply with the multimeter's AC voltage block. Of course, a large enough capacitor with a withstand voltage of about 0.1 μF can be connected in series on the multimeter to measure the AC portion of the field scan output circuit, the line scan output circuit, and the video amplifier circuit. Check the AC voltage with a multimeter, and then compare it with the measured value under normal conditions to judge whether the circuit works normally.

3. Observation method

As the name suggests, it is to directly observe whether the components are burned, damaged, deformed, discolored, broken, and the light of the tube is not bright after the current is turned on. These problems are often related to the fault or closely related to the fault. Quickly identify the problem and repair the industrial display.

4. Knocking method

This is also one of the most effective ways to monitor the display, especially for problems caused by solder joints and poor contact. The method is: using an insulator, such as a wooden stick, to gently tap and press a portion that may be problematic when power is applied or not, it is easier to find faults such as solder joints and poor contact. 

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