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Some Transportation Precautions Of Industrial Display Product

Aug. 27, 2019

Since the Industrial Display is a large amount of transportation every time, we must pay attention to some matters during the transportation process to avoid damage to the goods.

Industrial Display

Industrial Display

Today Industrial Micro PC Manufacturer likes to introduce the precautions for the industrial display products in transportation!

First, the storage of the display

If for some reason it needs to be stored for a long time (such as several years), we recommend the following:

1. Put in a polyethylene pocket (preferably with anti-static coating) and seal the mouth

2. Place in the dark to avoid strong light

3. Never put any objects on the surface

4. Strictly avoid storing in environments exceeding extreme temperature and humidity conditions

Second, the matters needing attention

Please read the following precautions carefully before use to avoid unnecessary damage!

1. Make sure that the cable is plugged in while the power is off.

2. To ensure the stability and safety of the electrical part, the interval between opening and closing should not be less than 6 seconds.

3. Industrial LCD screen is glass fragile products; any drop, knock and strong vibration may cause the glass to rupture; it is forbidden to press the display area of the LCD screen hard; the LCD screen and the frame cannot be squeezed hard during installation; attention should be paid to the overall LCD screen Flatness, avoiding external forces causing the LCD to “bend” and “distort”.

4. Since the visual characteristics of the LCD screen may change due to different viewing angles, the appropriate viewing angle of the user should be fully considered during assembly to adjust the optimal viewing angle of the LCD screen.

5. During use or storage, be careful of the surface polarizer of the LCD screen to avoid being scratched by hard objects. (It is strictly forbidden to place hard objects on the LCD screen)

6. In the display drive circuit, the inverter part has high voltage. Please avoid contact during operation to avoid unnecessary damage.

7. The LCD screen works and stores below the specified temperature and temperature range, which may cause the liquid crystal to crystallize and cause irreparable damage. If it is operated and stored above the specified temperature and temperature range, the liquid crystal may become different. The liquid of the same nature cannot recover the liquid crystal state. Please save and use within the allowable temperature range of this monitor (see the parameters provided in the performance indicator column)

8. The product is a wide voltage DC input, suitable for DC 12V switching power supply. (If you use a voltage input lower than 12V, it may reduce the display brightness)

9. There are electronic components in the circuit drive part on the back of the 19-inch industrial display. During the design, assembly and disposal process, it should avoid squeezing and damage. Otherwise, the dysfunction of the LCD screen may be caused by damage to the electronic components.

10. This product is a precision instrument and is not allowed to be opened, disassembled or modified by itself. Doing so may damage the LCD screen and cause it to malfunction.

11. The surface of the LCD screen should be kept clean during use and storage. If the water droplets stay on the LCD screen for a long time, the surface of the LCD screen may be discolored or stained. Therefore, when the surface of the screen is smudged, use pure cotton or Wipe with a soft cloth; do not use gasoline, alcohol or other chemicals to wipe the LCD screen.

12. Please turn off the power of this unit in time when it is used or if it fails.

13. To prevent fire or danger, do not place the unit in a place exposed to rain or moisture.

14. Avoid placing the LCD module under direct sunlight or ultraviolet light for a long time.

15. If the screen is damaged, please wash it with soap and water when the LCD is missing on your hands or clothes.

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