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What Are The Advantages And Characteristics Of Industrial Display?

Jul. 02, 2019

1. Wide range of motion control

The Industrial Display can be used to control circular motion or linear motion. From the configuration of the control mechanism, the module that directly uses the switch volume in the early stage is connected to the position sensor and the actuator, and now a dedicated motion control module is generally used. For example, a single-axis or multi-axis position control module that can drive a stepper motor or a servo motor. Almost all of the world's major plc manufacturers have motion control functions, which are widely used in various machinery, machine tools, robots, elevators and other occasions. High dynamic resolution under dynamic and static conditions, as well as full HD screens, viewing angles from both left and right viewing angles.

2, High data processing capacity

Modern plc has functions such as mathematical operations (including matrix operations, function operations, logic operations), data transfer, data conversion, sorting, table checking, bit operations, etc., and can complete data acquisition, analysis and processing. These data can be compared with the reference values stored in the memory to complete some control operations. The industrial all-in-one can also use the communication function to transfer to other smart devices, or you can type the print table. The data processing of industrial all-in-one machines is usually used in large-scale control systems, such as uncontrolled flexible manufacturing systems, as well as in process control systems such as papermaking, metallurgy, and some large-scale control systems in the food industry.

All in all, the Industrial Touch Screen All in one Panel PC has a stable liquid crystal molecular arrangement structure and a faster response speed than conventional soft screen liquid crystals. Therefore, the industrial all-in-one machine can completely eliminate the blur phenomenon of the liquid crystal display and the diffusion phenomenon of the water droplets when receiving the external pressurized vibration, and can eliminate the burns and marks at the playback speed, and express the super strong performance with the dynamic definition.

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