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The Difference Between Industrial LCD Monitors And Monitors

Sep. 19, 2019

Find here details of Industrial Grade Monitor on our website. Today we would like to talk about the difference between industrial LCD monitors and monitors.

Industrial LCD Monitor

Industrial LCD Monitor

Industrial liquid crystal displays are industrial liquid crystal displays with various display sizes, mounting methods. Unlike ordinary LCD monitors, it can adapt to extreme environments. There may be some people who will confuse industrial LCD monitors with monitors. As a professional Android All In One PC Factory, let's talk about the differences.

First, from the level of the LCD screen, the liquid crystal display uses a civilian display, while the formal industrial monitor uses a high-brightness industrial grade A+ LCD screen, which has higher technical parameters than industrial liquid crystal displays. , so a good LCD monitor is more expensive than a liquid crystal display. It will also achieve a good image effect.

Second, the driver scheme is different, that is, the display motherboard scheme is different. The liquid crystal display usually does not exceed 8 hours when the boot time is used, and the display panel is used for the civilian level, while the LCD monitor has to bear 24 hours per day. Hours of work, so you must use a professional monitoring board to ensure high brightness / contrast / clarity, etc., thereby reducing the use of the screen. If the ordinary display is used for a long time, its brightness and contrast will drop rapidly, affecting its service life. This is why most LCD monitors can display images normally after the project has just been debugged, but some screens will appear dark after a continuous boot.

Third, the viewing angle of the Industrial LCD Monitor can reach 178 degrees, while the ordinary liquid crystal display can only see a blank in the direction of 178 degrees. This is a very important criterion for identifying liquid crystal monitors and industrial liquid crystal displays.

Fourth, the formal LCD monitors and LCD monitors have a certain price difference, so there are many so-called low-cost LCD monitors on the market, which are actually modified by monitors. 19-inch LCD monitors below 1000, basically can be said that the display is replaced by a shell, and even the old screen may be used, please the majority of engineering and dealer purchasers to pay attention to the electric chain hoist.

Fifth, the interface is more abundant than the display, because the input signal of the monitor is generally a camera, but it may be a matrix, a computer, etc., so the input interface of a general liquid crystal monitor has DVI, VGA, HDMI, BNC, etc. To meet the needs of different occasions.

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