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Industrial Desktop Monitor Used In Command and Dispatch System

Mar. 10, 2020

Abstract: Touch Think industrial display adopts high quality electronic components and industrial grade motherboard to realize real 7×24 hours continuous display performance. It not only uses the classic three-level thermal protection system to realize the intelligent regulation of the internal temperature of the monitor, also support fanless design for heat-dissipation.


In the era of Network Information, command and dispatch system is an industry that needs a lot of high-tech products as support. Among them, the screen display system used in video monitoring directly determines the quality of monitoring work. At present, most of the monitoring systems in the market are composed of ordinary commercial monitors, and the performance is generally unsatisfactory. In view of this situation, Touch Think has launched an industrial grade monitor applying to command and scheduling solution to provide enterprises with an industrial grade monitoring and display system with excellent display effect, convenient and stable operation.


Touch Think industrial grade monitor adopts high-quality electronic components, which realized a real 7x24 continuous display performance. It not only uses the classic three-level thermal protection system, realizes the intelligent distribution of the internal temperature of the monitor, but also uses  high-quality electronic components and professional electronic circuit design, so that the display is still safe when it runs for a long time. Besides, Touch Think industrial monitor meet the standards of application environments such as high temperature, high humidity, vibration and other extreme conditions. The industrial monitor are widely used in the field of enterprise monitoring, control room and console of airports, stations, public information, health care, leasing, segment transportation, meeting rooms and other special professional application places, to meet the control and command needs of various digital signage systems.


Shenzhen Touch Think Intelligence Co., Ltd is deeply involved in the field of industrial automation and military industry. At present, its main product lines include: industrial tablet computer, industrial display, industrial motherboards, industrial panel PC, industrial mini PC. With superior R & D ability, customized OEM / ODM solutions for different industries

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