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Sep. 02, 2019

【Internet of Things Headlines】

"The First Global Item: 5G+AI Intelligent Port Area Operation" Lands on Shanghai Yangshan Terminal


SAIC 5G Intelligent Heavy Truck has successfully landed in Shanghai Yangshan Terminal. It is reported that the operation has successfully achieved L4 self-driving, centimeter-level positioning, accurate parking (+5cm), interaction with automated port machinery and equipment, and queue driving of Donghai Bridge under specific scenes in the port area.


Note: Touch Think industrial monitors, industrial panel PCs are widely used in intelligent terminal construction: hoisting towers Operational control, Cargo Storage Monitoring, Intelligent cargo sorting.


【B2B/B2G: Smart City】

Strategic Cooperation of China Mobile and China Southern Airlines

China Mobile and China Southern Airlines will cooperate in six areas: communication and information services, intelligent areas, flying networking, member marketing, product cooperation and resource sharing, and industrial investment. They will jointly build 5G + smart airport and 5G + smart cabin.


"Smart City Operational Framework" released

It is reported that the framework is the world's first international standard in the field of smart city operation, led by Tidal Group, and has joined TMF, China Institute of Communications, China Mobile Research Institute, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China City Science Association Smart City Joint Laboratory, etc. The framework will play a key role in supporting the standardization the operation process of smart city.


Note: Touch Think products are widely used in smart city system: industrial monitor and industrial tablet PCs are used in intelligent transportation; Industrial display and industrial panel PC with Android OS used in companies, schools, communities as check-in and safe security system.


【B2B: Intelligent Manufacturing】

Guangdong Mobile and Maoming Petrochemical signed 5G strategic cooperation agreement

It is reported that the first stage of cooperation between the two sides includes the realization of 5G network coverage in Maoming Petrochemical Plant as soon as possible, the promotion of 5G high-definition video transmission, networking equipment data acquisition, AR patrol inspection in plant workshop, and the joint creation of 5G application, industrial Internet/Internet of Things advanced demonstration model.


Estun Acquisition of German Industrial Robot Manufacturer CLOOS

Recently, on behalf of Nanjing Estun and China Renaissance Capital, the American law firm Orrick formally acquired the German industrial robot manufacturer CLOOS. It is reported that CLOOS is one of the earliest companies in the world with fully autonomous welding robot technology and products, and is recognized as the world's first brand in the field of arc welding.


Note: Industrial grade monitor and rugged panel PC are suitable used in welding robot fields due to their industrial-grade components and motherboards, which offer stable and reliable long-time operation in harsh industrial environments.

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