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What Matters And Operating Methods Should Be Paid Attention To When Cleaning Industrial Displays?

Apr. 18, 2020

In the information age, people's modern life needs more and more intelligent. This enables industrial displays to be used in industries, business intelligence terminals, smart healthcare, smart cities, and other fields. As the touch center of intelligent equipment, Industrial LCD Displays have superior product performance due to the internal configuration of the Industrial Lcd Display, which is more popular with users.

In daily maintenance work, cleaning, as one of the basic maintenance, should also be valued by users, especially equipment used in industrial environments. Due to the dusty, watery, and oily characteristics of industrial monitors, more attention should be paid to daily cleaning and maintenance work, to extend the service life of the equipment. So, what should be paid attention to Flat Panel Monitor? What is the specific and correct operation method? Let's have a look!

1. Precautions for cleaning

①Before cleaning the Industrial Monitor, please turn off the power before cleaning;

②Avoid using hard cleaning materials to prevent the surface of the industrial display from being scratched by harder materials;

③ Avoid the use of non-professional cleaners, the surface of industrial displays is a polarizer, and the liquid can also penetrate it;

④ Avoid spraying the cleaner directly onto the surface of the LCD screen. Some solvents will destroy the polarizer.

2. Cleaning requirements

① After turning off the power switch, remove the power plug of the industrial display and the plug of the video cable, and move it to the cleaning station;

② Move the product to a place with good natural light so that the dust and dirt can be seen clearly;

③ During the cleaning process, pay attention to the operation intensity to avoid unnecessary damage and bumps caused by excessive force.

Industrial Display

Industrial Display

3. Cleaning method

①Use a leather tiger (blowing gray ball, ear washing ball) to blow off the dust on the surface of the LCD screen to ensure that no coarse particles of dirt are attached to the surface of the LCD;

②Use a slightly moist wiper to wipe from the center of the screen to the surroundings; if there are apparent stains that cannot be wiped off, use a wipe that has been moistened with a special LCD cleaner

③After the wipe test, if the surface of the industrial display is wet, use a dry wipe to wipe.

4. Cleaning supplies.

①Leather tiger;

②Use absorbent cotton or soft and smooth cloth or special wiping cloth for LCD;

③Slightly moisten the wipes with clean water or wet the wipes with a liquid crystal special cleaner;

④Some cleaning agents need to be diluted first; please use following the instructions for LCD special cleaning agents.

The above are the requirements and precautions regarding the cleaning work of the flat panel display. To ensure the average service life of the machine, it is necessary to operate by the usual method and perform regular maintenance work. Regarding all kinds of daily maintenance tips for industrial displays, I think that intelligence will be updated from time to time, I hope it can help you!

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