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Knowledge About Industrial Internet

Apr. 17, 2020

1. Who was the first to bring up the conception of industrial Internet?

General Electric (GE).

As early as the end of 2012, GE proposed that industrial equipment should be integrated with IT technology.


In 2013, GE officially put forward the concept of industrial Internet of things revolution. This is the first time that the industrial Internet of Things has been formally proposed.


"An open, global Network will connect people, data and machines," said Jeffrey R. Immelt, GE's chairman and CEO.


In 2014, five giant companies, General Electric (GE), AT&T, Cisco, IBM and Intel, announced the establishment of IIC in the United States.

2. If the Industrial Internet is just "Industry + Internet"?

Incorrect. On the one hand, Industrial Internet does not only refer to industry. On the other hand, the Industrial Internet is not just to let the industry "surf the Internet".


Industrial Internet is the digital, information and intelligent transformation of the whole industry.


First, it realizes the connection of the whole process of industrial production through the connection (Communication) technology. Then it stores and calculates the data through the calculation technology, excavates the data value, optimizes the production process, and opens up the weak links, so as to achieve efficiency improvement, productivity improvement, cost reduction and profit growth.


To be exact, the Industrial Internet is a combination of "industrial technology revolution" and "ICT (information and communication) technology revolution", rather than "industry + Internet".


3. The word OT is often seen in the industrial Internet. What is OT?

As just mentioned, the Industrial Internet is a combination of industrial technology and information and communication technology.


Information and communication technology, that is, IT and CT. IT, information technology. CT, communication technology. And OT is Industrial Technology. To be exact, OT's English is Operational Technology.


It actually refers to the industrial environment and equipment in the workshop, including mechanical arm, sensor, instrument, monitoring system, control system,. etc.


Industrial Internet is the comprehensive integration and upgrading of IT, CT and OT. It is not only a Network, a platform, but also a system, which realizes the ubiquitous connection and integration of all elements in the industrial production process.


4. What is the relationship between Industrial Internet and Edge Computing?

Industrial Internet environment, from the perspective of Network technology, has two special needs, one is high reliability, the other is very low delay (or deterministic delay).


The evolution of industrial automation technology makes the operation speed and working accuracy of industrial equipment far higher than before. If the Network can not achieve low latency, it wwon't meet the needs of many industrial scenarios.


In order to reduce the delay, Edge Computing is introduced into the Industrial Internet.


The so-called Edge Computing is to pull a part of the Cloud Computing far away and sink it to the factory or workshop (closer to the terminal). In this way, the distance between the End and the calculation force is reduced, so as to reduce the time delay.


After the Edge Computing is adopted, the problem of data bandwidth between the factory and the Cloud can be effectively solved. A large amount of data can be processed locally without all sent to the Cloud End.


Edge Computing also provides a new ecology. Just as Internet companies develop APPs based on Cloud Computing, there will be platforms based on Edge Computing in the future. The platform opens a public interface to developers. Developers develop APPs for factories to use according to the needs of factory users. This is ecology.


5. Must industrial Internet use 5G?

No. 5G is the latest upgrade of communication technology. It has the characteristics of large bandwidth, ultra-low delay, massive connection and so on. However, 5G is not a sufficient and necessary condition for Industrial Internet.


There are hundreds of industries and thousands of scenarios.


For some scenarios, there may not be too many mobility requirements, so you can use optical fiber or even Network cable. In some scenarios, there may not be too much requirement for bandwidth and delay. It is OK to use LTE or NB- IoT. In other scenarios, customers may don't want the data to enter the operator's Network, or they may want to use private Network technology such as Wi-Fi or even LoRa considering the cost.


The essence of the Industrial Internet is not connectivity, but Computing. The operating system, platform, data and application of Industrial Internet are the most critical parts.


However, 5G will coexist with many communication technologies for a long time. The implementation of 5G in the industry will be a long process.


6. What is the relationship between Industrial Internet and Artificial Intelligence?

AI also serves scenarios. When the industry gradually realizes digitization, a large number of data will be generated, forming a data flow. Data flow not only helps data mining analysis, but also promotes the landing of artificial intelligence scene.


For example, when a high-speed camera detects the quality of a product, it is inefficient to watch pictures only by human eyes. If AI is introduced and trained with a large number of image data, it can replace human and improve detection efficiency.


At a higher level, if AI is introduced into the factory management process, and supply, production, logistics, sales and other links are coordinated in a unified way, inventory will be greatly reduced, production resources will be optimized, costs will be reduced, and profits will be obtained.


In other words, human work in factory is replaced by AI, even the factory director may be AI in the future.


With the continuous evolution of Artificial Intelligence, the system of Industrial Internet will realize self perception of working conditions, self-learning of process, self execution of equipment and self-organization of system. This is the highest level of intelligent manufacturing.


7. Who are the players of Industrial Internet?

In China, the main players of Industrial Internet are as follows:


First, Internet companies. Internet companies like Alibaba and Tencent are important drivers of Industrial Internet.


With the experience and strength accumulated in the consumer Internet, such companies can be said to know the Internet best. At present, they have earn a lot in the market of the consumer Internet, so they hope to open up the market in various industries and obtain new profit growth points.


However, the Industrial Internet and the consumer Internet have totally different ways of playing, which may make them change their minds.


The second is traditional industrial giants.


These giants are a group of people who know the industry best. For example, Sany Heavy Industry, Haier, Green,. etc. They know the industry very well. At the same time, they have also been engaged in informatization and Digitalization for a period of time, and they have gained a lot.


However, peers are "enemies". The solution or technology of an industry giant is naturally "excluded" in the same industry. Industrial Internet involves core transformation, which is almost the life of an enterprise. Do you want it to be handed over to peers? It's a little difficult.


The third category is operators.


Operators, as the builders of infrastructure, are actively committed to the development of industry solutions and pry open the enterprise market. The fierce competition in the mobile phone market, as well as the sharp drop in profits, is also an important reason for the operators to increase the investment in the B-end market.


However, the operator's so-called B-end market experience is more of the leased line that has been sold for many years. Selling solutions and implementing applications? At present, it seems not very optimistic. This requires a comprehensive transformation of mentality and ideology, which is also a long way.


The fourth category is equipment manufacturers. To put it bluntly, it's Huawei. Huawei has more experience in B-end market than Internet companies. In view of Huawei's rapid progress in chips, operating systems, databases and ecology, it has become a power that cannot be ignored in the industrial Internet.


The huge Industrial Internet market is a huge cake. In the fierce competition for cake, no one knows whether a humble power will rise and become a black horse.


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