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Overview of Automation System Integrator

Apr. 29, 2020

1. Relationship between system integrator and upstream & downstream products 

As a provider of integrated technology solutions, automation system integrators master industry knowledge in specific fields and advanced automatic control platform systems provided by suppliers to connect suppliers and customers, which play a unique role in the whole process of value-added transmission.


Automation system integrators are usually supplied by upstream manufacturers or distributors of manufacturers, and then design, build, install and debug an automation system to meet the needs of downstream customers. Through the automation system, product value-added is realized, and then provided to downstream customers, providing system integration products and services for downstream customers.


2. Classification of automation system integrator

(1) OEM system integrator

OEM refers to original equipment manufacture, which means that the producer does not directly produce products, but uses the "key core technology" mastered by himself to design, develop and control the sales channel, and the specific processing tasks are assigned to other enterprises. OEM system integrators are integrators who use their own key technologies to design and develop new products, control sales channels, and complete specific processing tasks by signing contracts.


(2) Project system integrator

For the needs of some large-scale customers, the general contractor is generally selected through bidding, and then the general contractor subcontracts the subsystem. Each part is in charge of a special integrator. An integrator that sets a part of the customer's needs as a project, and then is responsible for design, construction, installation, and commissioning is called a project integrator. The system integration of small projects will be carried out through the simple process of scheme proposal evaluation and product selection.


3. The necessity of the existence of an automation system integrator

First, the automation system integrator maximizes the investment value of the end-user.

By providing system services such as project consultation, system design, programming implementation, installation and debugging, as well as training support, the automation system integrator meets the basic needs of users to improve the automation level of the production system, and realizes the investment value of users. At the present stage of rapid industrialization and weak automation foundation of users, automation system integrators play an irreplaceable role in promoting the automation level of various industries in China through the active practice of the automation process.


Second, the automation system integrator has realized the value promotion to the automation system of the automation supplier.


Automation suppliers often provide an automation platform suitable for a certain industry or some fields. On this basis, system integrators transform their engineering experience and understanding of the process requirements of specific application objects into an application solution, and through engineering practice, enhance the value of the control platform provided by suppliers. This value-added process plays a key role in winning the satisfaction of customers and the recognition of the industry. Of course, an excellent control platform will play a complementary role for system integrators to give full play to their value.


It is precisely because of the core value of system integrators in the whole automation supply chain, so the major automation suppliers attach great importance to the support and development of system integrators, and the end-users are also looking forward to more effective system integrators appearing in the various engineering sites of enterprise automation transformation.


Due to the industrial automation market is still in a special stage of not fully standardized, it is a common stage for many automation system suppliers, various system integrators engaged in automation engineering or OEM machine manufacturing, industrial design institutes and automation product agents, who are in the whole value chain plays its irreplaceable role.

 Overview of Automation System Integrator

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