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Reasons and Solutions for Blue Screen Error in Industrial Tablet PC

Jul. 11, 2023

Although industrial tablet PCs are widely used in industry, there will be some faults for industrial computers like ordinary computers. When industrial tablet PC appear blue screen phenomenon, what are the reasons and solutions?


There are many reasons for blue screen error of industrial tablet PCs, maybe software problem, or hardware problem. For example, the software installed on industrial tablets PC conflicts with its Windows systems; there are conflicts between software and software, system files are damaged or computer got virus.


If the blue screen error is caused by industrial tablet PC software. USB flash disk or optical drive system can be used to solve the problem. Or contact professional technician to fix it. Then let's talk about the hardware reasons

for blue screen error of industrial tablet computers.

 Reasons and Solutions for Blue Screen Error in Industrial Tablet PC

For hardware problems, 80% of the blue screen error of Industrial Tablet PC is memory problem, then may caused by power transformer, some may be insufficient power supply, also maybe caused by the cooling system due to too high temperature, CPU over frequency and so on.


If you have some understanding of the hardware structure of industrial tablet computers, it should be clear that industrial tablet PCs are using industrial grade motherboard as a platform. There are many kinds of electronic components on the motherboard, such as CPU, memory, hard disk, video card, sound card, over-voltage wide-voltage protection, capacitance, resistance and so on. 90% of the memory of industrial tablets is board-mounted. The advantages of this type of sticker are as follows:


Firstly, the memory is compact and does not occupy too much space in the structure of tablet computers.


Secondly, it will not fall off in industrial vibration environment.


Thirdly, no oxidation for connecting finger.


As industrial tablet PCs are precision hardware, some production steps are finished by robots, and the memory pasted in 1000 motherboards will have one or two memory not pasted rightly. Even if the hardware of the memory is well pasted, or there are some small problems from tiny components such as capacitors and resistors would burn and damaged after long-time using and long-time working under extreme high temperature.


The above is some analysis of the reasons for the blue screen phenomenon of industrial tablet PCs and the solutions. Users can refer to these methods when these faults occur. If it can not be solved, they need professional technician to deal with related problems.

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