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Infrared thermal image monitor-Rapid screening and alarm of abnormal body temperature

Feb. 17, 2020

After the COVID-19 outbreaks, once people get infected, fever usually occurs as the first symptom, so measuring temperature has become the main means of screening suspected cases, especially in hospitals, subway stations, train stations and other crowded places.

Infrared thermal image monitor-Rapid screening and alarm of abnormal body temperatureAt present, the most common temperature measuring tools on the market are divided into three categories: the first category is thermometer, including common mercury thermometer and electronic thermometer, which are mostly used at home; the second category is Thermometer Gun, which relies on the sensor to receive the infrared ray of the human body to judge the temperature, and converts it into human body temperature through the public formula, generally 3-5 seconds to complete a single temperature measurement; the third category is the most common the infrared thermal imager, which has attracted much attention recently, transforms the invisible infrared energy emitted by human body into visible thermal image, which is simply to change the temperature from one value to an image full of temperature data. Efficiency is one of its biggest advantages.


1. Infrared thermal image monitor is used to monitor and quickly measure the temperature of "high temperature individuals" in the moving population.

2. Non-contact temperature measurement to keep the operators away from the tested population and avoid crossing contact infection.

3. Automatically locate the facial temperature measurement area, display the facial high temperature within 1 second and give an alarm to the person with high temperature.

4. Real time broadcast and warn for high temperature individuals.  

5. It is applied to large-area temperature screening in public places such as airports, ports, stations, schools, hotels and hospitals.

Infrared thermal image monitor-Rapid screening and alarm of abnormal body temperatureSome FAQs about infrared thermal image monitor

1. Why infrared thermography is the most efficient way to measure temperature?

The reason why infrared thermal imager can screen body temperature is that it can transform temperature into visual image. The pixels in each thermal image are temperature points. The number of temperature points is related to the infrared pixels of the device itself. For example, if the infrared pixel is 384 * 288, that is, there are 110000 temperature points in a thermal image, which is equivalent to using 110000 temperature guns to measure temperature at the same time. The efficiency will be significant raise.

2. The temperature difference between normal temperature and abnormal temperature of human body is very small. Will it be identified by thermal image? 

The higher the thermal sensitivity of the infrared thermal imager, the stronger the ability to distinguish the small temperature difference, and the more accurate the temperature measurement. For example, if the thermal sensitivity of an infrared thermal imager is 0.03℃, then the thermal imager can distinguish the temperature difference of 0.03℃, and the high accuracy requirement of temperature screening can be well met. Technical parameters such as thermal sensitivity can only be launched after obtaining metrological certification in the National Metrology institution.

3. For such accurate temperature measurement requirements, will there be fluctuations in temperature measurement data that affect the temperature measurement results?

If we study the infrared thermal imaging technology in depth, we will know that there are two very important indicators to judge whether an infrared thermal imager is professional and reliable, that is, "temperature measurement stability" and "temperature measurement consistency". Take one of our customer's product as example, as shown in the test report of China Electric Power Research Institute by a thermal imager, when the test target of 49.8℃ is measured continuously for 2 hours, the fluctuation of the test result is very small (the fluctuation value is between 0℃ - 0.3℃), and when the same blackbody target is measured, the values of 9 areas in the same picture are basically the same, which can be expressed in the temperature measurement, the stability and consistency meet the requirements of precise measurement.

4. If the infrared thermograph is used for temperature screening, and the normal speed of the flow of people can be ensured, then how to grab the abnormal temperature? 

If there are people with abnormal body temperature in the crowd, the full-automatic infrared temperature screening instrument will automatically send out a beep to give an audible alarm, and the high temperature part in the screen will automatically display in red, and WLIR temperature screening software will automatically capture a thermal image of the abnormal temperature personnel, so as to facilitate the statistics and analysis.

As a non-contact temperature measurement tool, infrared thermal imager has been widely used in daily inspection of power industry, troubleshooting of plant equipment, quality control of processing industry, safety production of iron and steel and petrochemical industry, material research of biological research and other fields, while its non-contact, image-based temperature imaging, efficient screening and other features have been concerned by large-area temperature screening sites, such as Airports, railway stations, subway stations, hospitals, large enterprises and institutions, schools and other places with large traffic flow.


Touch Think's self-developed and designed monitors with medical or industrial grade are widely used in infrared thermal image detection instrument. Its advantages of dust-proof and waterproof, high and low temperature resistance, high definition, customizable screen and functions, and factory direct supplying win the favor of customers in market.


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