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Touchthink Industrial PC in Warehouse and Logistics

Oct. 20, 2021

Advances in industrial computing technology have made the mobile devices used in warehouses more flexible, reliable, and capable of handling more applications than ever before. TOUCHTHINK's industrial mobile devices also feature a graphical user interface and in some cases the operating system used in consumer devices, which also makes them easier to use.

The value of industrial browsers

New interfaces for today's new operating systems: For warehouses with legacy solutions, there are many features that are inaccessible on newer mobile devices due to the limitations of existing software. These include the use of multi-touch screens, full-color displays, and other features that can increase usability and warehouse productivity. Porting these applications to new devices can involve time-consuming and expensive custom application development.

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Optimize your warehouse picking

Gone are the days when warehouses saw multiple workers crammed onto belts, placing SKUs on products and referring to stock tables. With today's warehouse management systems, industrial computers have taken over most SKU tracking and made picking a major source of funding.

While increased automation has led to a reduction in total warehouse operating costs, the operational costs of picking cannot be ignored. Optimizing your picking system is more important than ever to the overall productivity of your warehouse.

Whichever type of picking you decide to use in your warehouse, industrial computer tablets can help your pickers make the most of their working day. And industrial monitors can help you to handle the conditions.

Industrial challenges

On-vehicle installation: Computer hardware tailored to the warehouse and logistics volume must be compatible with the on-vehicle installation method.

Unstable vehicle power supply: Instability during start-up and shutdown can lead to system crashes and restart problems. Equipment receiving power from the vehicle must have a solution to ensure stable performance in the event of power instability.

Working in cold storage: In large warehouse environments, forklifts will often return and force cold and conventional environment storage. Computer equipment must exhibit the same stable performance at low and high temperatures.

Safety of the driver: The panel must not distract the driver's attention.

Strong vibrations: Equipment mounted on forklift trucks must be strong enough to withstand all-day operation with vehicle vibrations.

Using Industrial Browser products for the warehouse logistics industry also helps to avoid the high cost of upgrading programs. Users can retain their legacy infrastructure without having to purchase additional middleware. Companies can increase warehouse productivity without having to make significant investments in new technology. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us now, we sell industrial-grade tablets and rugged Android tablets and want to facilitate your warehouse.

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