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How to Choose Outdoor High Brightness Industrial Displays?

Oct. 26, 2021

In recent years, the field of industrial intelligent manufacturing has developed rapidly. The previous old equipment can not meet the needs of products at this stage. With the increasing market demand, industrial displays play a more and more important role, and there are many problems in the use of industrial displays due to external environmental factors. These problems bring many troubles to our users in production and manufacturing.


The outdoor industrial display is the device used in the outdoor environment, they are usually embedded into other equipment like kiosks, outdoor advertising, smart charging piles, smart lockers that with or without any shelter. These industrial displays are designed with IP-rating dust-proof and waterproof protection, for example at least with IP65-rated.


How to Choose Outdoor High Brightness Industrial Displays?

How to Choose Outdoor High Brightness Industrial Displays?

What should be paid attention to in the selection of outdoor industrial displays?


Firstly, the display brightness of outdoor highlight industrial display should be considered. It should be best if there is an original bright industrial display for choosing. However, if there is no original high brightness display. We need to choose a reliable manufacturer of outdoor highlight displays. After all, if there is a mature product scheme, it can be applied to practical production as soon as possible when customers purchase products, so we don't have to worry about various problems in use.


With a high brightness industrial display, we should also find an outdoor waterproof and dustproof shell. Firstly, there is a requirement on the thickness. While ensuring that the screen can fit, we should also consider a serious problem, that is, the heat dissipation performance. The second thing to consider is that the shell should be waterproof and dustproof. According to the region, acid rain corrosion prevention should also be considered. The materials used may be different.


Heat dissipation

This is one of the main focus points for most users. For Touch Think industrial outdoor high brightness displays, they can meet different high and low-temperature environments, and can automatically sense the temperature to ensure that the internal temperature of the monitor is within the range of 5-25 degrees. What's more, they are built with the patented heat dissipation system to ensure that the display offers excellent display performance in hot summer and cold winter.


Aging and safety issues

The safety of any machine is a very important issue. All the components of a good outdoor highlight display must pass a series of strict tests, including waterproof tests, high-temperature & low-temperature aging tests, simulated sunlight tests, etc. A high-quality industrial high brightness display should not be afraid of the sun, not easy to age, and of good quality no matter what season and region.



Outdoor lightning resistance protection


Outdoor devices must be installed lightning protection system. For the outdoor brightness industrial display. The body and shell of the industrial display shall be well-grounded, and the anti-static interference ability of the bright industrial display shall also be considered.

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