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What Exams Should A Qualified Industrial Panel PC Have?

Nov. 17, 2021

The realization of industrial automation is the embodiment of Market 4.0, as well as a vital item personification is the industrial panel computer.

The mainstream industrial computer system has become two major kinds of kinds: one is that only a host computer system, without a display and touch industrial computer, this type of computer system is what we typically see industrial control equipment, the other is with a display screen and also touch in one industrial computer system, such a kind of computer is what we call the industrial panel computer.


Prior to the development of industrial computers, normal computers were normally utilized to manage industrial production line equipment. Due to the basic structure and also unstable performance of regular computers, they could not meet the application needs of industrial sites in harsh settings, such as dustproof, water-resistant, anti-static, width, large stress, and various other issues. Regular computer systems are utilized in the assembly lines as well as might cause serious losses in case of computer collision.


Industrial level panel computer systems are not like common computers, mainly because the use setting along with the call for efficiency is different. Normal computer systems can call for a high operating rate, while industrial panel Computers require the stability of efficiency under the property of operating rate. As a production manufacturing facility of industrial panel PC, it is especially crucial to give customers trustworthy industrial panel PC. So, what kind of tests do industrial panel PCs require to pass?

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Setup specification

In the process of installing the production line of industrial panel PC, it is necessary to purely manage the production of every one of the web links. This needs the industrial panel PC manufacturers must have a standard manufacturing workshop, in order to purely control the production process.


Vibration examination

A competent industrial panel computer, will likewise experience substitute car resonance as well as can be dropped examination, not just to stay clear of item damage due to accident during transport, in the usage process, but additionally to stop damages to the item due to declines.

IP65 grade dustproof and water-proof

Industrial Panel Computers are primarily utilized in the industrial, outdoor dirty, watery atmospheres, which requires the item to have dustproof as well as waterproof efficiency. Therefore, the completed item requires to go through industrial IP65 water-resistant, water-resistant examination to make sure using special application situations.


Power consumption examination

Finally, the certified industrial panel PC products will certainly likewise be two days power intake test, all products will be checked after 48 hours of uninterrupted screen power on, as well as real-time information videotaping to make sure that each ended up product is certified to make use of the criterion.


Wide temperature procedure test

Because the industrial panel PC will certainly be used in the low and high-temperature levels, dirty, watery, oily and various other severe atmospheres, the product through the regulated heat, continuous temperature level and also moisture test, in the extreme use of the atmosphere, the performance is much more steady.

ESD anti-static examination

By checking the interface end by end get in touch with over 4KV fixed test to make certain that each user interface end can be stimulated to ensure the normal operation of the whole product.

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