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What Tests are Needed for Industrial Panel Computers?

Dec. 20, 2022

The industrial all-in-one panel computer should ensure its quality before it is shipped to the customer, that is, it needs to do a quality test before leaving the factory. Do you know what tests the industrial all-in-one computer needs to do before leaving the factory?


The industrial all-in-one computer generally needs to do 8 product test items before leaving the factory.


1. Installation and standardized production: In the process of installing the production line of the industrial touch computer, each link of production needs to be strictly controlled. This requires that industrial panel computer manufacturers must have standardized production workshops to strictly control the production process.


2. IP65 industrial dust-proof and water-proof test: industrial panel computer is mostly used in industrial and outdoor environments with much dust and water, which requires the product to have dust-proof and water-proof performance. Therefore, the finished product must pass the dustproof and waterproof test of industrial grade IP65 to ensure its use in special application scenarios.


3. Wide temperature operation test: many industrial panel PCs are used in harsh environments such as high and low temperatures, dust, water, and oil stains, the performance of the product is more stable in harsh environments after passing the controllable high-temperature, constant temperature, and humidity tests.


4. ESD anti-static test: check whether the interface has been exposed to 4KV static electricity one by one to ensure that each interface can be powered on, so as to ensure the normal operation of the whole panel PC.


5. Vibration test and horizontal dropping test: a qualified industrial panel computer will also experience the simulation of vehicle vibration and dropping test, which can not only avoid the damage caused by collision during transportation but also prevent the damage caused by dropping during use.


6. Power consumption test: 48-hour aging test will also be carried out for qualified industrial all-in-one computers. In the aging room, all products will undergo a 48-hour continuous display test after startup, and real-time data recording will be carried out to ensure that each finished product reaches the standard of qualified use, and to reduce the rate of defective production.


7. Display screen test: the test includes: resolution, horizontal and vertical full screen, normal display image, and the symmetrical black edge of the display screen. Adjust the background image of the screen by observing the screen image to see if it is abnormal.


8. Interface test: including USB interface; VGA and HDMI signals arrive at the terminal, and the terminal will automatically display after receiving the signal. Whether the picture is clear and normal; COM port and LPT printer port test. Active identification and clear display of normal connections are required.


In addition to the above eight major test items, there are many items to be tested for a qualified industrial panel computer. If you want to know more about it, please contact us now.


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