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Industrial Touch Displays Offer Unattended Functions For Data Center

Data Center Industry


With the development of Big Data cabinet application, data storage and transmission become an important work to adapt to the situation that data has become a part of economic development. Under the trend of automation and cabinet, the transformation and application of cabinet become more and more critical. The convenient, efficient, and stable operation of the computer room is the basis of data application.


Case Background Introduction


Our customer is mainly engaged in the combination of power electronics technology and computer technology. They're committed to providing green and low-carbon solutions for the computer room, focusing on the intellectualization of energy management in the computer room, and establishing intelligent power distribution and battery detectors, intelligent service cabinets, power environment monitoring, and other product lines.

 Industrial Touch Displays Offer Unattended Functions For Data Center

Transformation Problems of Cabinet Industry


In the case of high electromagnetic interference, the application of an automatic cabinet will be disturbed and unstable.


In different projects, the computer rooms need to deal with different indoor and outdoor environments, which tests the compatibility and adaptability of touch display equipment.


Touch Think Industrial Monitor


Industrial monitors offer reliable touch control and display solutions for data centers' smart management, offering data acquisition, monitoring, warning, abnormal detection, statistical analysis, linkage control, and other functions, which can realize unattended monitoring. Compared with the conventional operation and maintenance of the data centers, it is more efficient, and faster.

 Industrial Touch Displays Offer Unattended Functions For Data Center

According to the cabinet application equipment, Touch Think has developed an embedded industrial monitor. In the application of cabinet automation, it can be embedded from inside or outside of the cabinet casing, realizing monitor the operation and status of the cabinet 7/24 hours, and it connects with the operation management system of the data center to become a part of the system. Facing the high discharge environment of the cabinet, the industrial monitor supports to customize the port contact with 8KV and air contact with 16KV; what's more, it is equipped with a high-performance industrial-grade motherboard, presenting a low power consumption performance, meet requirements of 7x24 hours uninterrupted operation in the data room.


Industrial Monitor Highlights


The biggest highlight of Touch Think embedded touch monitor is the ultra-thin front frame, it can be perfectly embedded into the cabinets, not affect the cabinets' appearance and application.


Industrial touch monitor with IP65-rating protection design, up to EMI / EMC anti-interference standard.


Adapting high-quality drive boards, equipped with high-performance chips, meeting industrial application standards.


Multiple interfaces to connect cabinets' internal electrical equipment, supports I/O expansion.




Modern datacenter equipped with smart industrial monitors greatly improved the application ability, the 24/7-monitoring keeps the data room running stably in different environments. The monitors can effectively deal with the electromagnetic interference radiated by various electrical equipment in the data room. The equipped board is designed with wide voltage input and output, and with excellent anti-surge performance, which can support the voltage to rise rapidly to 280V and effectively deal with the voltage instability. The static electricity in the data room is easy to absorb dust, this touch display monitor is designed with a truly flat panel, and the seamless design, coupled with a full fitting installation, making it free from dust interference.

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